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Jeanette Sings Theme Song

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Jeanette Sings at Emperor Ball

San Francisco -

Jeanette MacDonald Sings Jerusalem




We dedicate this website to the Golden Memory of the great stage, screen, and opera star JEANETTE MacDONALD

whose motto was "LET US WORK WITH LOVE!"

Your hosts ... Gia and Gio

Your Hostess, Gia!




A Tribute to Jeanette's

Loyalist Fan


Clara Rhoades was a great lady and friend. Her strong leadership qualities and gracious heart were just a couple reasons why I wanted her to be the President of my fan club.  When she decided she would, she told me she would to it to her last breath.  You all know her, and you know her word was always golden. She kept it to the very end. There will never be another Clara.


Tessa Williams / JMIFC President



Dear JMFC Fans and Friends,     I send my love to all of my JMFC Fans...


Love, Jeanette MacDonald

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Song of the month


Carlo Buti


"Verde Luna"




Blood And Sand



Verde sembri tu,
o luna che cominci già a spuntar
nel cielo pien di magico splendor.
Tu vieni ancora a farmi ricordar
il mio perduto amor!...

Tu che mi sorridi, verde luna,
tu che già conosci la mia pena,
sai che attendo chi mi sta lontano.
Verde luna, ma l'attesa è vana!

Tu che gli sorridi, verde luna
digli che nel cuor non ho nessuno,
digli che io l'amo più di prima,
Verde luna, forse allora tornerà!

. . . . . .

Tu che gli sorridi, verde luna
digli che nel cuor non ho nessuno,
digli che io l'amo più di prima,
Verde luna, forse allora tornerà!

Verde sembri tu,
o luna che cominci già a spuntar
nel cielo pien di magico splendor.
C'è il mio perduto amor!...



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Gio's Mother--Lili-Diane, 98yr.,

in Venice Florida


JMFC Friend--Vicki K.  


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Janie & Henry y 


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Gene and Jeanette at the Races


Jeanette writing her fans.


Jeanette on ABC KECA Radio.


Nelson Eddy in Rosemarie


Jeanette and Nelson on a Recording Set

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Our Sweethearts in Smilin' Through



in Three Daring Daughters


Jeanette and Gene with thrilled fans!


Our Sweethearts, Jeanette and Gene

relaxing on the patio--circa 1950


Our darling Jeanette

day dreaming in a scene from

"I Married An Angel"  

(Photo Gift by Debbie P.)


March 1936

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Raymond (Jeanette),

 & Norma Shearer


Gene and Jeanette  attending

South Pacific


Jeanette and her mother




The Firefly


Jeanette and Maurice

The Merry Widow


Naughty Marietta





(December 31, 1913 - August 11, 2013)


Victoria, Lillian Suzanne, Sharon, Valerie, Gio (Sunny Boy), Colette

At 5:22 P.M., Sunday August 11, 2013 the great love of our lives, Mom, smiled at my sister, Valerie, in Venice, Florida and said "I love all of you, and wish my darling Sunny Boy, Mio Figlio, Gio and my darling Gia were here...) and closed her eyes from this world she so much loved.  

One day I will write a book about Mom; she was a grand lady everyone loved.  And why was this so?...; because her soul was full of love.  Her great passion was music, and she had a beautiful voice that sung everywhere on the North Side of Chicago when she was a young woman.  She wrote hundreds of songs and poems by hand in her beautiful penmanship.  She self-taught herself the piano, violin, mandolin, accordion, and played to friends an hour before she said good-bye forever.  Mom was 99 and lived long enough to celebrate my birthday on July 24. 

A great lover of music, Jeanette was her favorite singer and she adored watching her movies over and over.  When I told her I was going to start the JMFC Website, she told me that when that day came that she was no longer with us, one of her wishes was to give her fond love to Clara and Tessa.  So, Clara, up with Jeanette, and darling Tessa in Topeka, Lili-Diane sends her love to you, wishing you health and joy.

It is difficult to think about this world without Mom.  And so, Gia and I will lower the flag at half staff and turn the Marquee lights off until after December 31, 2013 when she would have celebrated her 100th Birthday.

We love you, Mom, and to our last days you will always be the diamond in our hearts--and seeing your sparkling eyes smiling like in the picture below taken in 1961.

                                                  Love...your Gio and Gia                    


A message from Gia, your JMFC Hostess....

Topic: JULY 24, 10:10am ... Gio's Birthday celebration began.

Gio talked with his mother, (99.5yrs young), in Florida and as he always does,  wished her the best on the day she gave birth--for it was really her joyous day he said


I am so overjoyed by the hundreds of email birthday wishes to my Gio, .  They came from all over the world pouring in saying ... "Happy Birthday, Gio, we love your sight and we love you and Gia! Please, keep our Jeanette's Flame burning brightly.  Only you two can do it."


What a lovely sentiment.  Of course we will continue to stand strong for all of you who have stood strongly behind JMFC for more than 11 years.  It is a purpose that we love, too. 


We talked to our darling Tessa and she wished him a wonderful birthday and gave us her support and love sharing with you and all the world what she and Clara had done for 5 decades.


Thank you Europe, thank you Japan, thank you New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, South America, and all of you here in the United States.  Thank you for showing how much you appreciate what Gio started for all of you.  I send my love and our Hugs and Kisses to you all.




To her thousands "True Loyal Fans" who keep the spirit of Jeanette's torch burning  brightly by sending pictures, stories, memories, songs, lyrics, and other treasured gifts to us, our Beloved Golden Diva's website has become a great Tribute! 


There is still more to do and to come. We send our heartfelt thank you to everyone who has been so generous with their donations.  With your love and support to honor our lovely Jeanette, this website shall  continue to blossom, bringing the  best of the Golden Angel.        


La Dame, Jeanette MacDonald



Hosts: Gia and Gio 




Photo Gift Claire H.



       2013 Vol. 11 - #8-12   

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JMFC thanks you for the years of dedication to our Jeanette by featuring her movies.  We look to years more of celebrating with the world the Queen of the Movies. 


June is La Dame Jeannette's Birthday Month

(Reposted from June 18, 2004)

La Dame Jeanette



This is what the world was cheering about last year on Jeanette's 100th Birthday.  Viva La Jeanette!  We Love You, Jeanette!  You are our Queen--our Angel--our favorite!  And come this Friday, June 18, 2004, Jeanette MacDonald, the Golden Diva of the Silver Screen, the Musical Stage, Opera, Radio, Records, and Television will give us all another opportunity to celebrate her birthday. 

For more than 80 years, the world have been enthralled by this gorgeous copper-red haired, sea-green eyed star, sparkling her way across generations of theater goers, and each person who has seen and heard her has done the same thing as millions before them--fallen in love with her.  Words have failed to explain this Shining Stars brilliant, sustaining success for all these years.  Yes, it is true she has the world's loveliest voice, the great sense of stage presence and acting, a phenomenal sense of humor and timing.  It go without saying, she was a raving beauty all in a class of her own.  She was the spirit in all of her movies, for without her, the movies would never have been bright and shining, alive with vitality and lavishing from one scene of her to another without her great beauty.  Take Jeanette away from San Francisco and all you have are two guys in a heap of bricks.  But with Jeanette in it, you have the whole reason for going to the movie, to see the true star of MGM and Hollywood.  She is what made each scene in the movies worth the price of a ticket, and during the depression years, Gia and I have heard from many people who have told us--yes, money was real tight, but it was worth every penny going to see a Jeanette MacDonald movie.  It was never a MacDonald and Chevalier, or MacDonald and Gable or MacDonald and Jones, but a Jeanette MacDonald movie. 

And even when she discovered and teamed up with Nelson Eddy, it was still Jeanette the audience was going to see. How do we know this, because in 1937-38 Photoplay magazine announced to the world that once again, Jeanette MacDonald was chosen by the "PEOPLE" as their choice for Queen of Hollywood.  So, the record speaks for itself!  So do the fans speak for themselves!  Jeanette MacDonald was the rarest of all Gems and she sparkled into our lives forever and ever.  It is not surprising that Turner Classic Movies constantly play her movies.  Why not!  The fans, especially the new generation is discovering what we have known all of our lives, that there is only one Jeanette MacDonald, and we have her in so many ways today to enjoy: records, tapes, CDs, DVDs, VCRs, and ton of  pictures and articles. 

There are those who will try to cash in on her fame and success, but we here at JMFC only wish to bring you, free, the greatness of La Dame Jeanette.  To our darling Diva, Happy Birthday and another hundred more. 

We pay tribute to our Golden Star with humble, but grateful hearts...

           Your host of the JMFC...Gia & Gio


 Read JMFC Special Articles

A Must Read for all Jeanette Fans


(Photo Gift by Sharon A. K.)


Jeanette MacDonald--

Queen of Hollywood and Queen in our Hearts

by Gio and Gia

June 17, 1935--Sweethearts first meet!


Clara and Tessa Chat With Fans 


The "JMIFC Mail Bag"has been a part of the JMFC from the very beginning, with the permission of the two Presidents,

Clara Rhoades and Tessa Williams.


As the world knows, Jeanette handpicked Clara Rhoades in 1961 to be the President of her Fan Club; something no one else in the world can say. What Jeanette and Gene told Clara on what to do in running the Jeanette MacDonald International Fan Club is still locked in her heart, where their wishes have been kept safely guarded all these years.


During the past years, Clara and Tessa have honored the JMFC Website by periodically posting  their Articles, Comments, and Thoughts, which all of Jeanette's True Loyal Fans have delighted in (your emails have shown this).  Like many of Jeanette's fans know, the two Presidents still love your support, and more importantly, are steadfast in always giving you the real truth like only they can!  


We can't predict the future; but, we here at the JMFC will be thrilled for any  future postings they send us about our Golden Diva.  These two Giant Jeanette Pillars of Trust  have held in check for more than four decades: idle gossip, fantasy wishing, false and fictitious tales, and  hearsay money-venture seekers.


We are forever indebted to them, and do realize that time weighs heavy on one with each passing day.  And with this thought, we send them our love and appreciation, and thank them for all they have given the world, the JMFC, and to their Beautiful Jeanette.



Posted in the



"Yes, Yes, Yvette" Succeeds "No, No, Nanette, as Another Typical and Musical Comedy.

Published on Wednesday, April 27, 12:00AM

By V. O. J.

(Photo Gift by Debbie P.)


Link To> Jeanette Review April 27, 1927

We thank The Harvard Crimson for permission to post this article JMFC



Fans ask Clara and Tessa to set the record Straight on Attacks on Jeanette!

Scientific FACT now lays to rest

forever any wild claims.

(WGN Medical News Report Link (October 16, 2006) proves that JMIFC has been right all these years about the impossibility for Blossom to have ever been able to speak about Jeanette after she had her stroke and had aphasia.


The question everyone asks is--where was the tape recorder. There were miniature, portable tape recorders in the early 1960s. Seeing that writers and real journalists employ these devices when interviewing a person, one would think that this would have been done with any interview Blossom gave! But we have not seen or heard of any such tapes. If there was, it would put many issues to rest of anyone purporting Blossom spoke reams about many private parts of her sister, Jeanette's life. When we ask for these tapes, all we get is dead silence. As far a the whole world knows, there has never been any tapes available to the public for literature support for statements puts forth in books, journals or net postings to help one believe that Blossom ever spoke to anyone about Jeanette. If one was to take it one step further, why would Blossom give a "tell all" to a nobody, no matter how old or young, instead of to a national magazine who would have paid a nice price for this "supposedly special "Exclusive" story?

It is not the first time there have been "made-up" stories. Just in the past few years we have seen Pulitzer Prize recipients for journalistic reporting called on the journalistic carpet to defend their stories, only to be proven fakes. There have been fakes throughout the ages, and there are still well and alive today. So, to all of those who wish us to believe the fables they write about Jeanette, start with the TAPES of Blossom first. Without these tapes for proof, there is nothing else believable, even if they claim they may have hundred's of tapes of other people.

As for Wikipedia, this site that has been proven not to be accurate or factual, and many falsehoods posted there. Anyone may posted statements which are basis or use any source in printed. However, when the sources they use for support are not supported themselves, it winds up in a vicious cycle. One fable chasing another fable, until it snowballs into a bottomless pit, where the real truth has been buried, and only a rash of writing that anyone can makeup using other unsupported materials continues to rear their incorrect fairy tales.

There was a fairy tale that was placed out in the public that we were suppose to believe. It was just one of hundreds, but in trying to keep the record correct -- for further indication that Clara and Tessa have always been correct, G.D. Hamann blog posted an article stating exactly where Jeanette was during her concert tours, and how another "so-called" source reported she was elsewhere is very questionable. It is also interesting to know that Jeanette dislike flying, especially back then. If our fans keep in mind, this article was written when these stars were alive, you will notice it states they were at least 350 miles apart. If this was not true, both Jeanette and Nelson would have set the record correct immediately. Seeing it never happened, they never had to, proving we only hear fairy tales after they have passed on. It is sad to think Jeanette is being used to make a buck for others. Nevertheless, Jeanette's True Loyal Fans know better, and keep on asking -- "Where are the Blossom's tapes talking about Jeanette?"

"1/1/1940 EHE Harrison Carroll
Hundreds of fans are writing Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy, begging the stars to give at least one joint concert when they go on their singing tours in February after New Moon is finished.

Unfortunately, this can't be arranged, not this year. Both Jeanette and Nelson are booked completely and, never at any time during their tours, are they closer than 350 miles to each other.
Looking at it commercially, there would be no point to a joint concert, anyway. Appearing alone, the stars sell out every performance."

We will continue to respond to all of your comments on this issue, and post when we have real, concrete facts, not just fairy tales.

How do you feel about this issue?

Click here to send us your Email


(Photo Gift by Ian B.)


Jeanette-The Super Star


Gio and Gia





We Give TIM a Jeanette FIVE STAR SMILE

for the head's up news...


Jeanette MacDonald Clips



The beauty and grace of Jeanette still lives strong today around the world. She was more than the greatest singer, the most beautiful woman, a true artist in every way--she was also a true, devoted, loving Queen to all of her fans. Jeanette cherished her adoring fans and made every effort to bring joy to them personally, whenever and wherever she went. She welcomed them with open arms at her concerts, social events, and yes--by writing to them.

JMFC has written about her many different times, and by all of the JMFC's fans gracious emails, there is no doubt that Jeanette is still the Queen they love the most. We know she would have been thrilled how you have continued to visit this website devoted to her and if she was with us, would have told you herself right here. We know this because her two Greatest fans, Clara and Tessa, the presidents of the JMIFC would have been right at her side telling her how you love her, as they tell us.

June was a very important month for our Golden Diva. She was born in June, met her true sweetheart, Gene in June, and she married her beloved in June. Yes, June is a great month for all of her True Loyal Fans to have a magnificent reason to celebrate. So, let's do that! Let us join hands from around the globe and make this June the best time of our lives.

JMFC Host Gia and Gio


See Jeanette as you have never known her before!

Jeanette MacDonald--

Hollywood's True Show Woman

Exclusive Article about Jeanette's making the movie

"San Francisco".


Gio and Gia


Jeanette and Clark San Francisco


This is JMFC's Fans Picture Choice


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A real first!

A true insight into the Singing Styles of

Jeanette and Nelson

(Photo Gift by Sharon A.K.)

Two Great Voices

by Gio and Gia




We love you!

(Photo Gift by Tessa Williams)


See the JMFC Sept., 2004 interview with

Tessa Williams

Good Morning Mr. Paxson Parts I & II





Exclusive For The JMFC Website

A wonderful insight to Jeanette's Great Talents!

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The Incomparable Artist And The Women She Brought To Life


The Angel at the Top of the Hill


Jeanette With The Sunlit Soul


Jeanette Flies Without Wings

Photo Gift by Claire H.


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Things Actors Will Say and Do

See What William Holden, Randolph Scott, Jack Hawkins,

Jean Arthur, Loretta Young, Rosalind Russell, Irene Dunne,

Ann Todd, Greta Garbo, and other actors Said or Did...

What Two Great Stars Felt About Our Jeanette ...

Jane Powell: "Her role model and favorite actress is the lyrical soprano/actress, Jeanette MacDonald."

Kathryn Grayson: "Kathryn and Jeanette MacDonald did become great friends. Jeanette became a mentor and anolder sister figure for Kathryn." Source: IMBD

G.D. Hamann's Blog --

"Every Day Something New and Exciting!"

Mr. Hamann's sends his gracious words to the JMFC...

"Thank you for your kind words about the blog, and thanks for making the link. The next time Jeanette MacDonald makes the rounds on the blog, there should be a fair amount of new material in it, if I get lucky, there will be enough so that I can finally do a separate volume for Jeanette MacDonald In the 40's which means she'll show up twice as often. Yours, G.D. Hamann"

G. D. Hamann Postings


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Photo Gift from JMIFC


Our True Sweethearts--Jeanette and Gene!

June 18, 2009, Jeanette & Gene's

72nd Wedding Anniversary!

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