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Please let it be known to all that this is a non-profit fan club and we respect the copyrights of pictures, article, music or any other creative and non-creative material sent to us as gifts.  We lay no claim to any copyright material.  Now or in the future, any materials we receive is solely for the purpose of fans sharing their interests and gifts for other members and the general public.  Anyone seeking a commercial gain please contact the  owners of the creative material.  We hold no licenses as to the gifts and thus are limited.  If any creative material is found objectionable or infringes upon the owner of said materials please contact us and we will remove such said item.


We equally reserve the right to have control over the contents of this website and wish anyone seeking use of any said material to contact us.


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Dear JMFC/JMDD Members, Fans, and Friends, for the past 7 years we have put our hearts into creating a real tribute to our Darling Jeanette, and with many of your wonderful contributions, it has developed into the top Jeanette MacDonald Fan Club Website on the Net around the world. This is all do to you sending in your private collection for us to post for all of the Jeanette Fan Lovers to enjoy. We have not put any limitations, any registrations or Log In - Passwords on the JMFC. It is free to the world to view and take delight in all of that Jeanette had done in her life time. With this said, you, who donated from your private collections so others could enjoy--have always expected that the JMFC would protect your personal, private property, and everything posted on the JMFC was protected by TOS (Terms of Service) Copyright rules and laws.
However, there are those who feel what is yours, and a gift to the JMFC. is also theirs, and they have taken liberties of copying whatever they wish to. The JMFC has taken quick, appropriate action to protect the contributions you have given so lovingly to us. Recently, there are some Webgroups who seem to be combing the Net for photos and copying from us and posting on theirs. We have presented proof of Copyright infringement to them, and do hope they will cease and desist this illegal action. We are happy that others find your JMFC Website so exciting; but we would hope that they would respect our rights, like they would like people to respect theirs, seeing they post on their Webgroup or Website the Copyright Logo.
What is so wonderful about all of the JMFC's friends is that we do not act negatively in anyway, nor speak rudely like others who have been informed that JMFC's items have been found on their Website/Webgroup; and instead, we always take the high road, like Jeanette always did. But, just like Jeanette would do when she knew unfair actions were taken against her and spoke out, So will the JMFC. If any infringements of the JMFC occurs, we will take whatever steps are provided by TOS and put a stop to this unlawful action, thus always protecting your personal property.




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