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Picture Gift from Ian B. Collection -

Jeanette circa 1930s

Jeanette Home Page


  1) Hosts Page

      1a> La Dame Jeanette 101st Birthday 

      2b> Fan's Annual Chit Chat Celebration

      3c> Jeanette's 100th Birthday

  2) Site Map

  3) Fan Response

  4) Memory Lane


  6) Jeanette's Own Words

      6a> Jeanette & Gene

      6b> Golden Diva

      6c> Gene's Page

  7) Holiday Page

     7a> Latest News

     7b> Jeanette 5 Star Newspage

 8) JMFC Library

     Special Historical and Antique Page

     8a> Gio Comments

     8b> Bel Canto Page

     8c> Bel Canto Voice Artistry

     8d> Lubitsch Queen

     8d> Two Great Voices

     8e> Jeanette--The Greatest Soprano

     8f> Ah, How Sweet You Sang Jeanette!

     8g> Maytime, The Perfect Movie 

     8h> Happy Birthday Jeanette #102- The

                Queen of Hollywood

     8i>Nelson--Silver Screen’s Golden

               Baritone Article

9) Filmography

     9a> The Lottery Bride

     9b> Naughty Marietta

     9c> Rosemarie

     9d> Maytime

     9e> Girl of the Golden West

     9f> The Firefly

     9g> San Francisco

     9h> Sweethearts

     9i> Bitter Sweet

     9j> New Moon

     9k> I Married an Angel

     9l> Three Daring Daughters

10) Pet Page

11) Our Diamond Sparkles

12) Archive Goodies

     12a> Cut! Lets Do The Scene Over!

13) Nelson Home Page

     13a> Nelson's Words

              (GENE RAYMOND is a LUCKY GUY!)
Diane Page 2

     13c> Diane Page 3

     13d> Page 4 8-21-2003

     13e> 8-26-2k3

     13f> Nelson's Street Dedication

     13g> Nelson's Art Work

14) Memory Lane

     14a>Nostalgia Page

     14b>Jeanette's Clan Clave

15) The Jeanette Museum of Pictures

     15a> Debbie P. Collection

     15b> Diane F. Collection

     15c> Fay L. Collection

     15d> Ian B. Collection

     15e> Jael Collection

     15f> Lillie M. Collection

     15g> Sharon K. Collection

16) Sheet Music

      16ca Memorial Page to Ollie Mutter

17) G. D. Hamann Page

18) JMFC's Memorial Tribute Pagel

19) Sweetheart Treasure Shop

      19a> JMIFC Membership Mail Form

      19b> Sweetheart Treasure Shop

       19c> Jeanette's Cookbook

20) What's On TV

21) Fan Seeking Info

22) Feedback

23) Web Info Page

24) Copyright Info






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