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There is something magical in pets, and Jeanette and Gene understood this all too well.  They had many pets: dogs, horses, birds...  Gia and I also understand this magical feeling.  We had our Tristano, a black Labrador-Shepard for 15 wonderful years.  He gave us all of his heart, love, and attention 100 % of each moment--of each day--of each year he was with us.  He still is our darling.  To be a fan of Jeanette's you would have to be a pet lover yourselves.  Pet Lovers are most special kind of person.  It is to all of you wonderful people who, throughout your lifetime, have had a pet that made your life so much more loving and special.  It is to these tender souls who looked to us for love, food and shelter; and to make sure they understood right from the very moment they entered our lives, that they were home.  We dedicate this page to  all the wonderful pets,  and  hope you will share your  special darlings with us on our "Pets Picture Page".

Gia & Gio

Gia & Gio's Tristano


Happy Birthday Wishes to you Tristano

Gia and Gio

July 24, 2004

Oh, Shari,

Such a lovely gift to share. Yes, dogs are so special and loving. They give you their all from the moment they see you to the day you say good-bye forever to them. I can still see that September 10, 1974 evening when my youngest sister Colette (now in heaven with her dogs) stepped out of her car with a big box. I knew it was my birthday present (7 weeks later) but she kept on saying, "It is coming!"--and it did, in the package of a little black Labrador/Shepherd with two button eyes staring at me, frighten and scared, taken away from its mother. I was so surprised and utterly shock! I had no idea what the gift was, let alone a dog--and Gia and I were not set up for such a new friend. Colette just dropped the bundle of joy in my arms and I called Ft. Campbell and talked to the Air Force Canine Corps Sergeant friend and asked him what to do. He told us and it was so difficult for us to do it, but he said the puppy had to learned to live in his own box, with water and a little food and find out that this was home now. No mother to give him love anymore, just pulled from her care and left to spend the night downstairs all alone. He whimpered and cried all night long and Gia and I didn't get one eye shut of sleep. In a couple of days, he knew he had a new home and he found his kindred souls, and from that time on, he had the love off two people who worshipped him. For 15 years we had him and our lives were full of such great, undying love. When it was time for him to leave us, I picked him up gently, placed him in the car and took him to the Vet were he closed those two beautiful button eyes. I kissed and him and told him how much we loved him and off he went to sleep. For you see, as the rest of the world may celebrate my birthday, every July 24th I celebrate Tristano's birthday. For he was born on this day to, and he was greater and stronger and more loving than I ever could or would hope to ever be. He was true beauty, and our lives have never been the same since he kissed me good-bye just one more time. It would have to last me a life time and it has.

Hugs & Kisses>Gio and Gia (Gia was such a darling to him. She loved him like no other person could ever love a dog and he knew it.)


A Dog's Wish

    "Treat me kindly, my beloved friend, for no heart in all the world is more grateful than the loving heart of me.
   "Do not break my spirit with a stick, for thought I might lick your hand between the blows, your patience and warm understanding will more quickly teach me the things you would have me learn. Speak to me often, for your voice is the world's sweetest music, as you must know by the fierce wagging of my tail when you footstep falls upon my waiting ear.
   "Please take me inside when it is cold and wet, for I am a domesticated animal, no longer accustomed to bitter elements.  I ask no greater glory than the privilege of sitting at your feet beside the open hearth.
   "Keep my bowl filled with cool fresh water, for I cannot tell you when I am thirsty.
   "Feed me healthy food that I may stay well, to romp and play and do your bidding, to walk by your side, and stand ready, willing and able o protect you with my life.
   "And, my friend, when I am very old, and I no longer enjoy good health, hearing and sight, do not make heroic efforts to keep me going.  I am not having any fun. So PLEASE see that my trusting life is taken gently.  I shall leave this earthly home knowing with the last breath I draw that my fate was always safest in your soft, kind hands."


Our Neighbor's Jen and Eric's little Cuties * Kabuki and Arianna -- June 2005


Kabuki (Buki or Boo) born approx. 1991
Kabuki found her way to the Tree house, a cat shelter in Chicago, when she was about 4 years old and pregnant. The Tree house aborted the kitties and then gave Kabuki a home and a surgery to make sure she wouldnít get herself into the same predicament again. She lived at the Tree house with lots of other cats for a short time until one day a man named Eric came for a visit. He had just lost his old cat Bear and was looking for a new feline to fill the void. Kabuki was quite a beautyóvery petite and sweet. She walked over to Eric and started purring, rubbing up against his legs and doing little arabesques with her back leg. He was charmed.
Kabuki and Eric lived together til another women came into Ericís life. A human woman named Jen. At first Kabuki was standoffish with Jen but soon she warmed up to her and they became friends. The three lived very happily together for 2 years.
Soon Jen and her belly began to change. It began to swell and she spent lots of time lying on the couch. Somehow Kabuki remembered her own swelling of years ago and became very attached to Jen. They would spend long hours on the cough, snoozing and snuggling.
One night, in the middle of the night, Eric and Jen left. When they came back they had something in a funny carrier. The something smelled very different and made little noises. Somehow Kabuki knew she must approach the something very carefully. She looked at Eric and Jen closely while she walked up to the something. Eric and Jen watched Kabuki very intently but they were open to her exploration, so she continued. It was a baby.
After the baby came Jen changed. She was very short tempered with Kabuki. Kabuki found out there were some places in the house she was not allowed to go to anymore. And when she would curl up in a soft bed in the babyís room Jen would be very angry. Maybe the baby would leave and then Jen would be the same again.
The baby did not leave. It grew older and then another baby came to live in the house as well. But Kabuki noticed that Jen was starting to be more like herself again. She didnít close off rooms like she used to and she wasnít as short tempered.
The babies grew into children and then Jen started protecting Kabuki from the children instead of the other way around. Jen was very angry with the children if they mistreated or hurt Kabuki. She showed them how to treat her and pet her. It was hard for Kabuki for a long time because the children were hard with her and did hurt her sometimes. Sometimes enough that Kabuki would scratch or nip the children. The children would cry very hard when this would happen, but Kabuki was surprised that she would not get scolded for this. Jen would scold the children and tell them they were being too mean and hard with Kabuki. She would explain to them that if they didnít want to be bitten and scratched they would have to learn how to be nice with Kabuki.
The children are school age now and love Kabuki so much. They help Jen feed her and bring her in from outside at night. They know how to hold her and how to pet her so she purrs and rubs up against them. Kabuki will even sleep with the children sometimes although her favorite person to snuggle up with at night is still Jen.
Kabuki is turning into an old lady now and itís showing a little. Sheís slow and sleeps even more then she used to. She goes outside but doesnít venture too far from home and doesnít stay away for long when she does. Her kidneys arenít like they used to be and her litter box needs to be changed more often. But she is still very sweet and petite. And she still likes nothing better than when Jen sits down on the couch for a little snooze.


Dear Jen,.

We are so fortunate in having you as our neighbors and enjoying all of the wonderful things happening in your warm home.  Gia and I have to say, we have never, ever seen anything but a smile on your face.  Your bio shows that it doesn't always have to be human beings that bond, even our pets, given a chance, will bond, and if you don't watch out, they will win your hearts--forever becoming your best friend.

          JMFC Hosts>Gia & Gio

Jennifer's two Darling "Heroines" Shannon and Erin -- sent May 2005

Sweet Shannon

Dear Fans and Friends, let us give a big welcome to these to cuties...


A Bio from Jennifer on Shannon & Erin

I would love to send some photographs of Shannon and Erin to the website, so will attach just two to start off with (I don't want to block up your inbox if they are large attachments). Both dogs are quite young in these photographs, particularly Erin, but there is nothing like starting off at the very beginning! I suppose if there was anything to say about them both it would have to be that they both developed a sense of empathy quite early on in their lives - they always knew when my mother was feeling ill and did their very best to comfort her. I sincerely believe that they helped her when she was feeling down - there is evidence to suggest that the presence of an animal is helpful for the sick or the elderly and frail. You would know this from your experiences with Tristano (nice name, incidentally).

Sweet Erin

Jennifer's Beautiful Abigail -- sent June 2005

     "Abigail was one of the gentlest dogs that I have ever met. Her kennel name was Midasand Frasquita (named after the Lehar operetta). She never bit, even when she was a puppy. Not only did she help my father through his final years, she also helped an aunt of mine who was grieving over the loss of her husband by the simple means of giving her unconditional love. She was totally adorable - I mustn't have favourites because all of my dogs have had their own unique personalities - but she was extremely special, as they all are of course! She had an incredible sense of smell, and would have made a good sniffer dog. I could hide a ball anywhere in our large and crowded garden and she would find it in no time at all. She was love on four legs."...

     (Gio, you could actually use that last description which I have put in quotation marks to accompany her photographs - will leave the editing to you, you know very well what to do!)


Jennifer, we left it just as you said it...letter perfect!
JMFC Hosts Gio & Gia

Here are some lovelies from our own JMDD Janie's Daughter Janet and her dogs--sent Nov/Dec. 2005

Here are some lovelies from our own JMDD Janie--sent June/July 2005

Janie's Son Jimmy

& Chico (3 years old)

Janie's friend Clarice Daughter Chris's 6 month old puppy--Bedelia (nickname Beddy)

Taz & Tux

Janie's Daughter Judy's cats


Humming Bird in Flight

Photo Gift shot taken by Rocky Carver

 Lori Mutter's Friends (See more on Memorial Page to Ollie Mutter )


Now you can meet two of Lori's adorable loving friends.  



Mkia> #3

Bernadette's Jake and Patch

Here is a little bit about, Jaques Jesse James--or as we call him, Big Jake, from the moment I saw him bounding at me and and licking my face.  I knew he was the puppy for me.  You see--he picked me--I did not choose him.   He is honest and gentle and 13 years later still my best chum.  He has a devoted fan club in the neighborhood that always stops and talk to him and admire him, and he loves it--he walks with his head just a bit higher afterwards. 


The Great Jake


His favorites things are a deflated basketball and playing soccer with my husband and granddaughter; he thinks he is a goalie. He loves to wake my granddaughter up for school in the morning by barking incessantly in her face, and also loves chasing our cat when he knows she is doing something she is not supposed to do.  He does not mind chipmunks, but hates squirrels. At night he loves to lie on my feet while I am watching TV. As gentle as he is he is a fierce watchdog and I have had to save the meter reader once or twice. You do not enter his domain uninvited (our backyard).  His pedigree runs back to the famous sunny bank collies; and yet, he is a throwback to that era.  So now I hope you all feel you have gotten to know my big Jake better. He is the champion of my hear *** Bernadette 2-7-2004


Our Good-bye to Jake

August 30, 2004 5:45PM

JMFC Hosts

Gia & Gio

Our dearest friends,

Today, Bernadette's Great Jake, the beautiful Collie who graces our JMFC Pet Hall of Fame left us. The truly great loving soul was a friend and companion to Bernadette for so many years and Gia and I know that our four legged friends are also so important to all of us. On behalf of the JMDD we send to our Bernadette our love and heavy hearts and a tender goodbye to Jake.

Meet Patch!

Our dearest friends,

We  take great joy in introducing the newest friend to our fan club, Bernadette's lovely collie, PATCH!  As you can tell by these wonderful pictures of him, that he is full of love and spirit, ready and raring to bring the sunshine of life to all who see him.  We look forward to watching Patch grow relish in the light that lies in his heart.


Thank  you Bernadette for sharing your new bundle of joy with us.


Warmest wishes> Gia and Gio

October 10, 2004

Patch and Friends (Date June 2006)

Good Patch waiting at the door

Patch looking to cross the bridge

Patch and Bernadetta--time for chow

Patch and Friends (Date February 2006)

Ever true love--Bernadette and Patch

Patch, looking so handsome!

Patch chasing a squirrel



<-----------Patch and Allie--------->

Patch (Date September 2005)

Our lovely Patch is growing up

and sending his love to all of you!

Patch (Date 7-31-2005)


 He is beautiful, Bernadette! The darling is growing. (Gia & Gio)

Patch (Date 1-19-2005)

Patch & Allie (Date 11-19-2004)
Allie (Date 10-4-2004)

Allie and Pups


Patch  at 6 months old!

Allie and Moochie

Patch (Date 9-18-2004)
Patch (Date 5-18-2005)
Bernadette has sent us some of the latest of Patch's pictures.

These candid shots catch this darling around his first birthday.

Happy Birthday Patch!

Meet Roblynís JJ Apacheís golden glory


On September 17, 2004 my two daughters and granddaughter took a long ride into the mountains of New Jersey to see a new puppy. I was so sad about the loss of my Jake, they felt this would help. When we arrived we were overwhelmed with puppy love, but out of the pack stood a golden colored pup with one blue eye and one brown. He was giving kisses and yet being bossy with the other pups. Needless to say he stole our hearts and home we went.


Now he has been with us a month, and he is a character. He is stubborn yet happy to please, he is as hungry as a wolf, and as happy as can be.  He chases our cat, but is careful to move his snout when her paws goes up. He loves stealing our gloves and shoes and running off.  He loves to sleep right by our bed upside down on his back with all fours paws waving in the air, and has his own persona.  We love him.



October 17, 2004

The beautiful souls that have given many Loving Moments in our Lives!

     Here are some pictures of Sweetheart's Fans.....

Vicki's Bogey

Ronnie's Leo

Bernadette's Kitty



Jael's Darlings

Mr. Hyde on the left; Dr. Jekyll on the right.

 Two darling, furry rays of sunshine in my little life. For some reason, they decided to cooperate for  once and actually look at the camera!

Diane's Timon

Pictures Donated by Shari J.  Kittens can be so cute!

Here are 6 pictures of Shari's new kitten--Honey 12 weeks old...Jan. 2005

 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)

Some other pictures of kittens Shari thought you would enjoy

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