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Welcome to the photo world of our Golden Diva.  Here you will find pictures of her husband (Gene Raymond), co-stars, friends, movie shots, and tons of more great treats.  We thank our many fan members for the photo gifts posted in the Photo Gallery.  This page, too, shall continue to blossom with your help.

We would love to give credit to the many fans who have sent us photo gifts to post here and elsewhere in our website: Ian, Debbie, Bernadette, Diane, Ginny, Lee, Lillie, Kayla, the Jeanette MacDonald International Fan Club, and more we will be posting.  Without all of these wonderful, and True Loyal Fan, none of this could happen.  If we have left anyone out, please let us know and we will be thrilled to post the credit you so well deserve.

In time, we would like to credit each picture with its donor, but seeing the sight is so new, we ask  your patience.  Remember, we present this website in the Name of Jeanette MacDonald, but as a gift to all of you who come to visit it.  The Credit is all of  you that love Jeanette and have found it in your hearts to share what you have with others.  To you all, we send our deepest gratitude and appreciation.  Gia & Gio

           Photos Donated by the many True Loyal Fans of our Golden Diva




Gift from Ian







Gift from Gio & Gia


Gift from Gio & Gia


Gift from Gio & Gia


Gift from Gio & Gia


Gift from Lee Q.

Pic of Week 8-16-2005


Gift from Gio & Gia


Gift from Gio & Gia

15 16

Gift from Gio & Gia


Gift from Gio & Gia


Gift from Gio & Gia

20 21 22 23  
24 25 26 27  
28 29 30 31  
32 33 34 35  
36 37 38 39  
40 41


Gift from Ian


Gift from Ian

44 45 46 47  


Gift from Ian

50 51  
52 53 54 55  
56 57 58 59  
60 61 62 63  


Gift from Sharon


Gift from Ian



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