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Hi, Sweetheart Fans!  The JMFC Treasure shop is where you can find great buys! There are great CDs and DvDs, books, pictures, recipes you may purchase, learn how to become a member of Jeanette MacDonald International Fan Club, and ucpoming events to take advantage of at great prices.  We hope the Sweethearts Treasure Shop will become your one-stop shopping Cove. 

 Miss Jeanette MacDonald Cookies


Jeanette, being a collector of recipes, JMFC has created this one in her honor. We take delight in offering this delicious cookie recipe to you.  Miss Jeanette MacDonald Cookies are not only delicious, but also great for you and easy to make.

It's morning--and you are in a rush; yet,  you want something nutritional, but you don’t have time to make a hardy breakfast. Or the door bell rings and your best friend drops by, and you have nothing to serve. Don’t worry, you have the perfect solution—Miss Jeanette MacDonald Cookies!

Miss Jeanette MacDonald's Cookies are healthy, great tasting, and easy to make.  They are nutritional pick-me-up delights—loaded with: Protein; Iron; Vitamins; Fiber; Quick energy—PLUS—they are in low fat and cholesterol.

They go great with any occasion:
    Have them with your morning coffee.
    Serve them to your family or guests.
    Or enjoy them watching your favorite Jeanette movie.

The recipe is simple to follow.  Who says you have to be a great chef or baker to make great tasting homemade cookies? With Miss Jeanette MacDonald's cookie recipe, you will make a wonderful impression to your friends and family. Remember—the next time you have company—or just want to treat yourself to something special, and great tasting, whip up a batch of Miss Jeanette MacDonald's Cookies and sit back and enjoy!

Now you can buy the recipe for $1.50 (postage included) and sit back and watch her movies, snacking on a Miss Jeanette Cookie.  All money will go to the further development of the JMFC website and our attempt to bring you the best of Jeanette for years to come. 


Please send your payment along with your name and address to:

TP Direct

Miss Jeanette MacDonald Cookie Recipe

P.O. Box 180172

Chicago,  Illinois 60618-0172

Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery


Old Movie Section

This blog publishes on a daily basis 20-25 percent of one of G.D. Hamann's more than 170 books on Hollywood's Golden Age 1930-1949. For list of books please email request to GDHamann@Juno.Com. (c) G.D. Hamann, All Rights Reserved.



G.D. Hamann has published more than 170 books on movies and movie actors and actresses from the 1930's and 1940's. For a full list of G.D. Hamann's books, e-mail him at GDHamann@Juno.Com


Contact Information:


G.D. Hamann
Filming Today Press
2365 Scarff Street
Los Angeles, CA 90007
(213) 746-7899



Jeanette MacDonald International Fan Club



Now on the Net here at the JMFC Website.




Only here can you get this One-of-a-kind Book!


Lookin’ In & Cookin' In - a limited edition of a delightful visit with THE MacRAYMONDS.


It is not just a cookbook ... it’s a treasure of thoughts and hints, advice, ideas and so much more... A true Jeanette Collector's Treasure.


Order directly from Club Headquarters, at $20.95 per copy plus $4.50 postage - USA and £4.50 overseas postage and handling... (Surface, in USA currency.)


* * * * * * * * * * *



A Once—in—a-lifetime KEEPSAKE - Measures 8x11 on heavy glossy paper, which makes for lovely reproduction of color and black and white photos. Color cover and 46 pages filled with messages and more than 16 photographs from celebrities such as: GENE RAYMOND, Ann JILLIAN, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ashley, Ginger Rogers, Lew Ayres, Greer Garson, Cesar Romero, Betty White, James Stewart, Maria and Allen Jones, William and Anita Tuttle, Mrs. Rudolf Friml. Mrs. Meredith Wilson and much more...


Not forgetting a greeting from the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, and various articles of interest. A tribute to a special lady.


You can order this lovely cookbook only from JEANETTE MACDONALD INTERNATIONAL Fan Club Headquarters. Purchase price $24.45 (includes S+H in U.S.)  



Ian Bailey CD and DvD Maker


We are truly lucky to have Ian Bailey who makes CDs and Dvds. Many of the pictures you see in the 100th Birthday Tribute are done though the generosity of Ian. So you can see first hand the great quality of his work.

Ian is more than happy to make CDs and DVDs for club members. 
Please contact Ian by Email for pricing.

Here is a marvelous chance to get a copy of your favorite Sweethearts' CDs or Dvds treasures that will last you forever. They also make great gift items.

You can reach Ian at: IanMaytime@aol.com



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