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Fans Comments:



Jeanette DVD Release

Hi Gio and Gia -

Great news.....Turner Classic Movies has announced the release in April of two MacDonald-Eddy films on DVD. This is legit DVD and not some risky foreign entity. Warner Brothers archive is releasing it since they own the MGM titles. The two titles being released and available for pre-order now are "Sweethearts" in newly restored color and "Naughty Marietta".

Details on "Sweethearts" is below.....sameprice for "Marietta"
 Sweethearts <strong>- Exclusive!</strong> DVD

Sweethearts - Exclusive! (1938)

Format: DVD
The time-worn stage chestnut is a "play-within-a-film" for this frothy Jeanette MacDonald/Nelson Eddy musical comedy, written by Dorothy Parker and Alan Campbell. MacDonald and Eddy play a married acting couple who plan to leave Broadway for Hollywood, but impresario Frank Morgan plots to stop them. With Ray Bolger, Florence Rice, Mischa Auer. Standard; Soundtrack: English.
SKU: D27117
Regularly $29.99
http://turnerclassic.moviesunlimited.com/member/xt_orderform_additem.asp?sku=D27117&quantity=1&addedFrom=Shopping%3Asweethearts+%3Cstrong%3E%2D+exclusive%21%3C%2Fstrong%3E%3A%28d27117%29&redir= available: 04/26/11
Gia and I know all of Jeanette's fans thank you for sending this great news to us.  It you wait long enough, greatness will all come to the top. Well, one can't get any higher than Jeanette, and to see her now on DVD tells us that TCM once again has brought us the best there ever was--the Silver Screen's Golden Diva. 

Rosemarie R.


Can you tell me why the 2 most loved people always kissed in the corner of their mouths?? Not like today.........

Dear Rosemarie,

This has been a question asked so many times by Jeanette fans.  When Jeanette chose Nelson to be in Naughty Marietta, you must remember there was the Hayes code preventing kisses longer than 5 seconds, so many actors side-stepped this rule by kissing off the corner of the mouth.  If done right, and the angle correct, it seemed real.  Today, there are no codes. Anything goes. With this said, all these years later, Jeanette and Nelson are still the greatest singing duo in films. 

Richard M

S. Africa


Dear JMFC,

When I was a small boy I was in love with Jeanette and have ever since. Everything about her is so magical my only wish in life is that I could have met her in person.


Dear Richard,

Your wish is our wish. To meet Jeanette was like meeting an angel.  That is why Clara and Tessa are really blessed. They are the Presidents of her 74 year old Fan Club, JMIFC, and were friends of she and Gene. 

Arno M.

I just learnt about this website whilst going through the internet movie database. I think ms Macdonald would be rather overwhelmed by this, in operation 40 years after she sadly left this world.

Dear Arno,

Everyone here at the JMFC are delighted that you have learned of our tribute to the great Jeanette.  You are right, she would be very please knowing that you think of her with such warm feelings.

Dave VanB.


Dear JMFC,

     I'm an 88-year-old (one month short of 89) who became a Jeanette MacDonald fan in my teens.

Dear Dave,

      You are a True Loyal Jeanette fan and an inspiration to all of the younger generations what it takes to be really proud.

Yolanda S.S.


Dear JMFC,

     Jeanette has always been a favorite of mine, she is in fact breathtaking! My favorite movie of hers is San Francisco, where she is an Opera singer.

Hi, Yolanda,

      You have come to the right place, the JMFC is dedicated to all of the great accomplishments Jeanette achieved.

      The JMFC's article about San Francisco tells it all why this movie was a true success.  We hope you enjoy it.

Fran H.


Hi Gia and Gio,

      It has been a long time since I have talked to you guys. As you know Gio, I have loved Jeanette since I was about 8 years old ( about 54 years now). Her movies and music has got me through a lot of rough times in my life.

Hi, Fran! 

      It is great hearing from a True Jeanette Loyal Fan and a JMFC/JMDD member.  Your love for our beautiful Jeanette has been an inspiration to all of us.  We cannot thank you for your contribution to the JMFC Website, and look forward to your future tender touch.

Ernest G.


Dear JMFC,

      My mother to my brother and I, age 7 and 5, to the Rohway Theater, NJ, to see and hear Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson sing and act. I do not know what movie we saw. We returned to our home in Clark (NJ) with my mother being  very excited from the performance. To the best of my ability--I place the year at 1936.

    My mother has passed.  I have read Turk and have a burning desire to see more of Jeanette.  Can the JMFC help me get DVDs of her?

Dear Ernest,

       Like so many of our mothers, Jeanette was a vision to behold, and a voice to rejoice to.  In tribute to your beloved mother, and the golden memory you have shared with us...the JMFC hopes you enjoy the many Jeanette DVDs we have sent you.  Please keep an eye on your mail. 

                        JMFC's Hosts Gia and Gio

Paula J.


A true lady, someone to admire and appreciate. I love all her movies and songs!


      JMFC can't agree with you more!  There are Ladies of the Stage and Screen, and then there is Thee Lady, the One-and-only Jeanette.  She was so remarkable is so many ways there are not enough words to ever describe her.

Carolyn D.


I was a member during the 90s & only recently found a few of Jeanette's radio recordings from The Railroad Hour with Gordon MacRae. What a thrill! Came across your website today & am so excited since I was privileged to have met Clara & Tessa.

Welcome Carolyn,

       We are always delighted to meet fans of Jeanette.  You have an added privilege in having been a member of the JMIFC. Jeanette, in her wisdom selected the best person to head her fan club, in choosing Clara.  Now that Clara and Tessa are presidents of the JMIFC, it is really a treasure trove to be part of.  They are truly lovely ladies.  We will pass on your comments .

Roger H.


I have been going though family papers and found a Jeanette MacDonald 7 inch x10 inch photograph labeled Jeanette Macdonald, Paramount Star, in  Woman's Way, March, 1932. My grandfather made displays for the cinema and I believe this is from his studio.


       You are one very lucky person. Anytime you wish to share this with the JMFC Website's Fans and Friends, we be delighted to  post it on your behalf.  Thank you for the, info.


Marcus J I have collected items of Jeanette's since I was 15.  I am now 52 and a day never passes that I do not pick up something to read about her and Nelson Eddy, too. I was a member of her fan International Fan Club, and Clara Rhoades was the president. If you are a fan club, please may I join?

Kind regards ,Marcus.

Dear Marcus,

       Yes, the JMFC is a Web Fan Club and it is free.  So, just you visiting, you are a fan and a friend, and we welcome you with open arms. Together, we all may show our adoration of Jeanette.

Note: Jeanette's original fan club, with Clara Rhoades is still opened to all, and you may wish to contact them. We be happy to pass on any information we of them to you.

Louis G. M


Thank you for such a beautiful web-site on Jeanette MacDonald and keeping her memory alive. She was absolutely a wonderful performer. I wish I could have met her---even for just 5 minutes! Believe us, Louis, everyone today who sees our beautiful Jeanette wishes the same dream. 

Lynda N.



Thank you for your wonderful site.

Found postings of some of the movies on Youtube.com, where I also read some of the comments about Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy both charming and disturbing.

Following the links from the movies I found more information that was both interesting and again, disturbing. I could not believe the vicious tone one site took in giving supposed intimate details of Jeanette and Nelson's lives.
Their friends, colleagues, family and spouses were not treated any better. Apparently, this particular site was related to the author of a book supposedly about Jeanette and Nelson. This is the worst kind of name dropping and self promotion, so I expressed my disappointment at the site through an email making the remark that they have painted all these people as depraved.

Just goes to show, I should have known better than to follow any links in Youtube.com; but, I wanted to find any films on Nelson Eddy singing, especially the Volga boat song. Very innocent wish. The photo links through Google.com are also a lottery, as they can be posted by the self promoter from my previous paragraph.

Following a Google search, I have luckily found your site and two other very good sites that do justice to these decent and talented people.

I thank you again for your site and I have already shown my 81 year old mother some the site for her interest. I have bookmarked this and the other sites, and I no longer have to run the risk of being shocked again.


Fan Responses 2009

Leela D.

I am a vinyl record music audiophile that is new to the opera world. Could you direct me to the best vinyl record recordings of Jeanette and some info on how to appreciate soprano voices and feelings?

We'd be happy to help you.  The JMFC has written several articles about the human voice, and the soprano voice directly.  We believe we have covered the difference between our Jeanette and other female singers that will be of assistance to your better understanding.

Louis G. M. Jeanette was and is the epitome of grace, professionalism and talent. She remains special, even to this day. Louis, we couldn't say it any better. Jeanette was in one word--"PERFECTION!"

Wayne Mc.


Thanks for your site. Like many people today I saw New Moon on TV as a child. I wasn't born when Jeanette was a star. While she had lost her star in Australia by the 1960s, Jeanette made a lifetime impression, which has lasted over 40 years! Thanks again.

Jeanette was that angel who touched one's soul as soon as they saw her. It made no difference what age a person was, once one saw her, she would be part of that person's life forever.  Your JMFC's Host were 8 years old when she touched us, and here we are chatting with you. We hope to hear from you and how Jeanette touches you today so we may share it with others who saw her when they were young and love her so much even more today. JMFC Cheers!

Ron H.


I love Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy

Ron, we couldn't agree with you more.  Your hosts and the rest of the JMFC's Contributors have been Life Long Fans, and the numbers keep growing.  We love to hear how you, too, became a fan.   JMFC Cheers!

Blythe K.


This is a lovely site. Although I never met her, my grandmother grew up with Jeanette and her sisters in Philadelphia, so I have always been a fan.

Blythe, how exciting for all of your family sharing the close relation to Jeanette.  We look forward to talking with you about your grandmother's memories of Jeanette.  It seemed like a great time.  There are many reasons one can be a Jeanette fan; you have Extra special reason, and a lovely one, too. 

JMFC Cheers!



What a pleasure to find this website on Jeanette MacDonald. My parents were die-hard fans of Jeanette in the 1930s and 1940s. They introduced me to her years later in the 1970s when a local theater named The Avalon in Salt Lake City, Utah played the best.

Kevin, we are sure Jeanette would be so delighted to hear your thoughts of her and the JMFC's Dedication to her. Like so many of us, it was our parents who introduced us to the greatest star of them all.  She is loved as much today as ever, and your email just keeps confirming this.

JMFC Cheers!

Larry T.


During the beginning of her reminisces, Jeanette MacDonald sings two songs for Napoleon III.  I think they are by Ravel and Offenbach.   Do you know what they were?  I would love to find recordings of them or something close to them.

We think we can help!  The two songs Jeanette sang at the ball were:
1) "<March of the
Grenadiers" words by Clifford Grey
2) "Les Filles de Cadix" [The Maids of Cadiz]  - music by Leo Delibes, French lyrics by Alfred deMusset.

JMFC Cheers!



Did J. ever record "Blue Moon"? If she did could you tell me where I could get a copy? Thanks, Trina.

Not that we know of.  Perhaps one of our JMFC Fans might have the answer to your question.  Keep your comments coming!

JMFC Cheers!



I have been a devoted fan of Jeanette’s since I was a young boy. Absolutely captivated by her glorious voice and beauty. I admire those who met her and have wonderful memories of those occasions. She will live forever in our hearts.


 Bob, Gia and I were also young when we first saw and heard Jeanette.  And like you and millions of others, we are still young whenever we see or hear Jeanette. What a golden gift was given to us and the world when Jeanette entered our lives; and this is why the JMFC is here ... for Jeanette to live on forever in our hearts.

JMFC Cheers!

Suzanne S.


She was a wonderful singer. I still enjoy her movies. My favorite is Rose Marie.


 She was a wonderful singer, and a truly great actress.  The dramatic scenes in Rose Marie attest to this.

JMFC Cheers!

Yolanda L.


I studied opera in my early twenties, and Jeanette was always in my thoughts! Fate intervened, and I did not pursue the operatic stage. Now in my fifties, I still love the opera, and look forward to watching Jeanette, especially in my favorite movie of hers.


 Having sang opera, I know what you must feel.  There is nothing like singing the Great Masters works.  As time goes on, just to be able to sing gives such joy and inner peace to one's soul.  We can imagine what great love and inner piece was in our Jeanette's heart and soul.

JMFC Cheers!

Genevieve C.G.

Just lovely. A make believe world we all wish were true; all the beautiful songs.


 Yes, and this is what the JMFC does, with the help of all of you Loyal Jeanette Fans!

JMFC Cheers!

Paul B.


Beautiful website obviously conceived and maintained with the love, dedication and respect that Miss MacDonald deserves.


How nicely put. Yes, this Jeanette Fan Website has been Number 1 in the world because of great fans such as yourself who have support it by all of the thousands of contributions. Our Golden Diva deserves the best, and the JMFC lives up to this.

Thank you for saying it. 

JMFC Cheers!

Maria L.


I just loved Jeanette Macdonald and would really like to know how I would go about joining her lovely fan club. I live in the UK.


 Maria, just being here you are part of the JMFC's Fan Club, and we are delighted you are here with us to share paying tribute to the Greatest--Jeanette MacDonald.

JMFC Cheers!

Olive S.


Am at a loss to understand the great divide between your club and the other one surely one cannot be all truth and the other all lies?



****JMFC Reply:

Dear Olive,

We know the truth and only tell the real facts.  Unfortunately, after people pass away—there are those willing to capitalize on Jeanette to make money.  As True Loyal Jeanette Fans we could never be so low.  And now you can tell where lies the truth…with the JMFC.

P.S. Thank you for your beautiful letter and the autographed picture of Jeanette.

Val  Australia

thank you for sharing your info

 It is our great delight!

JMFC Cheers!

David Australia

hello from Australia enjoyed your web site best wishes David.


 Hi, Australia!  We have tons of friends there who also love our Jeanette!

JMFC Cheers!

Charles K.


Rena  B.S.


I have been a devoted fan of Jeanette MacDonald since I was in my teens.  No body can sing like Jeanette....just a beautiful person in every way.


 Rena, you could not have put it a more lovelier way.  Jeanette was both a Hollywood Star and a Heavenly Star!

JMFC Cheers!



I’m a huge Deanna Durbin fan, but I also think that Jeanette was amazing. Even Deanna herself attended her concerts because she was a wonderful singer!


 Alex, Deanna is among our favorites, too. So many of the JMFC's Fans loved her movies and wished she had made more.

JMFC Cheers!

Bob W.


Jeanette was my grandmothers cousin my grandmother was orphan and was raised by her uncle family her uncle was Jeanette's dad, my grand mother's name was Marie, and married Robort do you know anything about her?


 Bob, very interesting. We know the only family that Jeanette mentioned was her Grandfather, Mother and Father, and three sisters, which one had a daughter--her lone niece. She once commented that she had no living relatives other than those.

JMFC Cheers!

Lillian Amy


In South Africa as a young girl I lived for every new release that came out. Those pictures are what dreams were made of. Yes the dreams their pictures inspired lives on through our lives.


 Lillian Amy, though you are thousands of miles away from us, you are right here in our hearts at the JMFC.  You are so right, Jeanette's pictures are what dreams are made of.

JMFC Cheers!

Bob F.


Great star. I cant sing but we went to the same High School….West Philadelphia High.  She attended back ca. 1920,s I was in the class of 1946.


 Bob, just to know you walked the same hallways of our Beautiful Jeanette makes you a huge envy of your hosts...

JMFC Cheers! Gia and Gio

Lynne A.


Am worried about one of your members, Fay LaGalle of Australia. She lives in the area affected by the firestorms! Any news of her?


 We had talked with Fay, and we are happy to report she and her loved ones are safe.  But we do share the grief all there are feeling.

JMFC Cheers!



I used to be a member in 1975. My daughter’s middle name is Jeanette. She doesn’t sing much, but I do.


 Cass, welcome to the JMFC. We love having you.  Keep on singing, for singing fills the hearts of the world.

JMFC Cheers!

“Lou” M.


just love your website

 Thank you!

JMFC Cheers!

Debbie P.


What a wonderful tribute to a WONDERFUL lady. There is no one like Jeanette. This website is a true work of art. Great Job Gio and Gia. There is only one Jeanette MacDonald. She could do it all.


 Debbie, she could do it all, and it just because she had everything to make life more beautiful that she shines out from the rest of glitz-and-glamour. Jeanette was real, and the whole world knew it.

JMFC Cheers!

Teri -NC U.S.

This is such a wonderful site and a great tribute to a great lady, Jeanette MacDonald. Keep up the good work friends.


 It is Number 1, because of Jeanette fans like you make it so. 

We thank you! JMFC Cheers!



From JMFC Fan Tim T.

November 30, 2005

See TCM listing for Golden Dawn

Hello Gia & Gio

I check your website every other day or so and continue to enjoy it.  G.D. Hamann's page is great and I love all the photos, etc.


I checked the films you listed that will be playing on TCM in Dec and there is one you should probably mention.  Although it's entirely possible that you may have omitted purposely as it is rather notorious.  'Golden Dawn' was a Broadway operetta in 1927 with people like E. Kalman, Oscar Hammerstein, O.Harbach & Herbert Stothart being involved.  It was a modest success and when the musical talkie craze came in it was bought for the screen.  The plot is absurd and especially today...very racist.  It's about a native uprising in East Africa and features Vivienne Segal as a blonde who is linked somehow to the tribe!  It also has actor Noah Beery made up in blackface (at times you can see his makeup running!) and he sings something called 'My Whip'.  Segal (a really lovely voice...remember her from Cat and the Fiddle?) sings 'My Bwana' (!!!) which is actually a type of Viennese waltz...(ach du liebe!) so you see this thing is quite a cultural clash.  Originally this film was in 2 tone Technicolor but only the B/W survives which only contributes to the strangeness of it all.  On the plus side, there are some nice tunes and voices.  I recommend it for any operetta lover who's been very, very naughty.


Happy Holidays,

Tim T.


Dear Tim,


Thank you for your comments.  We hope the JMFC will always be a place you may call home.  Your email points out so many wonderful reasons why we should watch 'Golden Dawn'.  Upon your 4 Star recommendation, we have added it to our list of movies to watch on TCM.  See TCM listing for Golden Dawn

JMFC/JMDD Hosts Gia & Gio


Added Comments from Tim T.

Gia and Gio

Thanks for your compliments on the mini review of 'Golden Dawn'....I only hope that you and your readers don't expect a good movie!  It really isn't...more a curiosity, really...interesting for the cast & some of the songs, etc.  Bear in mind that this was released about the same time as Jeanette's 'Monte Carlo' but that Miss MacDonald was much more fortunate than Vivienne Segal in what she was given to do.  Segal was in Hollywood for a year or so and made 4 or 5 pretty bad films until the last one....'Viennese Nights' with original music by Sigmund Romberg which included a lovely waltz..'You Will Remember Vienna' and others.  This film is similar in style to Jeanette's later 'Maytime' (which, of course, is awesome!) and a pristine color print is housed at UCLA...along with other color treasures such as 'Vagabond King' and 'Follow Thru', etc.  So far none of these has been released to video, DVD or TV.  Incidentally,  a short clip from 'Vagabond King' was included in that wonderful special about the history of Broadway, hosted by Julie Andrews and shown on public TV last year.  They showed Jeanette and Dennis King, in early color, singing a few bars of 'Only A Rose' but didn't identify them or the film.  But at least they were included!


* * * * * * * * * *

The Sweetest of Happy Birthdays to my

Sweetheart, Gia, from her devoted Gio

To my darling wife, Gia, Co-host of the JMFC, oh such joy it gives me to wish, on your special day, a Golden Happy Birthday.  The numbers no longer matter dearest, only the magic of the moment, for you have been the Golden Stardust in my life, the whirling wind in my heart.  Thank you, thank you for bring me such beauty into my life everyday; and I return my eternal love to you.  Happy Birthday breath of my heart, my lovely darling, the reason I live life for. 


 * * * * * * * * * *

August 15 2005

From JMDD Member, Janie S.


Dear friends and relatives,

We had flowers put on the altar today in thanks for our 63rd wedding anniversary which is tomorrow. The arrangements were beautiful.  When they were given to us in 2 vases, I trimmed the ends.  We ended up with 4 vases of flowers. They were 2 identical arrangements for each side of the altar. God has been good to us.

Love Jane and Henry



Dear Janie and Henry,


Upon behalf of all the members of the JMDD Club and JMFC fans, we extend to you two sweethearts our very best wishes on your sixty-third wedding anniversary and continue to live Happily Ever After.


JMFC/JMDD Hosts ... Gia & Gio


* * * * * * * * * *

From JMDD Member, Ian B. -- UK

June 14, 2005


Dear JMDD Fans,

We are delighted to post Ian's letter about when, how, and why he became a Jeanette Fan.  It is letters like this that tell the world who Jeanette really is, a person who still lives, because we feel her in our hearts.  We look forward to your feeling about Jeanette.  Gio & Gia

Hi, Gio, here it goes...

Way back in 1965 when I was still at school and a young lad of 15, I was always interested in films etc.  On one of our TV channels we had a late night film magazine show.  The host of the show said that another great star had died yesterday; Miss Jeanette MacDonald and I thought ...I have never heard of her.  He told us she was in many musical films with Nelson Eddy and they would now show a clip from the end of naughty Marietta the "Ah, sweet mystery of life" sequence.


That's when my love of Jeanette started, and as I get older my love of her and my quest to find out as much about her and collect as many items, film memorabilia in fact anything to do with her increases ... (my poor wife).

It is hard to say or express in words what it is about Jeanette; but when I find a new item or picture of her I get so excited.  It is like another piece of a jigsaw puzzle, and I know it is a massive puzzle with so many treasures still to find-and collect on Jeanette.

To me, Jeanette is the most attractive person in the world-oops-after the wife (just in case she reads this).  It is not just in looks-but everything, and wow-her eyes, do they have that twinkle in them of enjoying life, and it is as if she wants to get up to some mischief.  What fun it must have been to have known and worked with her.  Jeanette once musingly said she was no angel, and even said she had been very rude at times; and then smiled and added that she had a few love affairs and was not that angelic person a lot of fans thought.  To me that's great, it makes her just as human as the rest of us, and I will do all I can to keep her memory alive and protect her from people that write books about her that are written just to sell books! 

I have read all of Sharon Riches books, and the last one I read (one of her first books) called Farewell to Dreams-oh, if I could only have been where Sharon has been-right smack dab in Jeanette and Nelson's heads.  I won't repeat some of the text, but is she going to make it into a cheap porno film as that's what some of the sections read like?  Sadly all the people in the book are no longer with us, and they cannot speak out about it, and defend themselves.  But how Sharon could know the things she has written, it astounds me!  Things change in her books.  One page Nelson cannot have children due to an accident at school.  The next thing she has Jeanette having his child-and so many times that I have lost count. Then a few years back she finds Nelsons long lost son-what luck, he is a singer as well.  Her books are fiction in my mind, and unless Sharon was there at the time-or in their minds-she could not have known the things she has written.

Sorry about this, Gio, but when I start talking about Jeanette, I do get carried away; and yes, I'm obsessed with her, and that makes me a better person.  Of course, although I do not mention Nelson much, he is my number two person, and again what a great person.

What a great job Gio and Gia do with the Jeanette's website and the JMDD Webgroup, and their efforts in trying to keep us altogether.  We must try and help them keep all this together.  I believe the JMDD is the only true Webgroup where the true and loyal fans are.

I was with another club a while ago, but as Bern and lee know-I commented what I thought of them after the hateful things they were saying about Gene and Anne!  I mean-spitting on Anne's grave and talking about their sex lives--heavens, I'm not a prude; however, but enough is enough!  These people are dead and cannot stick up for themselves, but my goodness, I will try to do it on their behalf's.

Well Gio that's it for now, but I wanted to send the club my thoughts for Jenny's birthday, and if possible please forward this on to her, Ha Ha!

I do not want to forget Clara and Tessa who are in my mind.  They are two true and loyal people, and I know Jeanette must have been so pleased to have two such great friends.  I do so hope one day in the near future to meet them, as I remember many years ago Clara had a picture of my two young children posted up in her classroom, ah...

Any one that brings people together, creates love, brings joy from their work and films must be a great person, and that's Jeanette.  Jeanette is not dead, and never will be, for she is so alive in all our hearts and we must make sure this continues.

Here you go Gio, please let me know what you think of it?  I hope it's not too long.  Please, if possible, let Clara and Tessa see it. I started to scan some pictures, so I'll sending them today if I have time.  Oh, my-off to work now!

Kind regards to you and Gia,



* * * * * * * * * *

From our newest JMDD Members--

Maria Eva and son Norton C.-- Brazil

June 3, 2005


Why we love Jeanette MacDonald: Her lovely music are safely guarded in my memory since I was a boy. My mother and my late father used to buy her 78 rpm and they were always playing in the old Vitrola. Only many years later, her songs were available in vinyl as Long Playing records. But the sound has improved and her voice was there, forever bright and young. For me and my mother her music lead us back in time to those wonderful years. Now her movies are available with the same crystal clear and pure image they were shown in the past. The movies and her songs perpetuated in modern media is the best reason we have to believe she will live forever in the hearts of her fans. Norton and Maria Eva (I tried translate also my mother's feelings and impressions since she can not write herself in English. She thanks though, for the opportunity)

--------JMFC Reply----------------

Thank you Maria Eva and Norton...

What beautiful memory you have share with all of Jeanette's fans around the world.  May we say--you have expressed your lovely mother's feelings so tenderly.  Jeanette would have love to meet you both, just like Gia and I would, also.

Our very best, warmest wishes> Your hosts, Gia & Gio



* * * * * * * * * *

From Dave K. -- UK

May 24, 2005

TO JMFC: Great to see your website honouring the fantastic Jeanette Macdonald!

--------JMFC Reply----------------

Hi, Dave,

It is always a pleasure meeting another person who loves Jeanette. We created the JMFC Website just for fans like yourself. Jeanette had gone to the UK to perform and love it. On our website we have a couple of picture of her there. She always like the wonderful fans there. Among her many beauties inside and outwardly was her loyalty and love to her fans.

We would love to hear thoughts and any memories you have about her. Please feel free to write us so we may add your appreciation for our Golden Diva to our JMFC Website. We are trying to archive as many people as possible so a hundred years later, and this site has been taken out for a 100 years, fans then will hear what we said and how we felt today, and they will understand when they see her acting or singing that we felt the same way that they do.

Our very best, warmest wishes> Your hosts, Gia & Gio


* * * * * * * * * *

From Richard C.

May 18, 2005

JMDD Member

Sent: Wed 5/18/2005 7:33 PM
To: John Von Rhein, Chicago Tribune Writer
Subject:    Good article

Recently you had a fine story about the best singers who did cross over singing at several levels. I enjoyed the story. I believe you missed one of the best example. Nelson Eddy sang before his 19 movies in 32 Operas. He did many sold out concerts of all music categories. He also had many radio shows and made over 600 recordings. He was the biggest money singer in 1938 and 1939. Also, he won the best singer category in popular voting around 1938. Besides, he has sung many Oratorios and spent 13 years doing the biggest night clubs until he died on stage in 1967.

Thank you for your time,
  Dick C.

---- Tribune Response ---------------------

John Von Rheim of the Tribune did that reply.
Thanks for your putting it to the web page.
It was great, dear friend for your visit on the phone.
Maytime was wonderful today.
Take care,

* * * * * * * * * *

Intro From Your Hosts...Gia and Gio.....

To all our dearest JMFC Fans and Friends. So many of you have been asking about how is

your hostess doing since she had her double surgery? .As you can tell by the JMFC front page,

her recovery is coming along slowly but surely.  We can't thank you enough, and you know this

 comes right from our hearts.  A very dear person from the other side of the world reached across

 the Ocean and sent this beautiful letter to Gia and I.  We just found her to be so warm and

 loving that we are delighted to share her tenderness with all of you tender and loving souls.


A Post from Jennifer



Dear Gia and Gio,

   Thank you for your response on the Jeanette MacDonald Yahoo Group site about my query as to Gia's health. I was a bit worried as you hadn't been on the site for quite some time, and I was afraid something had happened to Gia during her recent operation.

   I am delighted to know that all is well, although there is a little way to go yet - thank God it is only minor surgery that Gia may have to undergo in the future, and it is very pleasing that her legs are healing. It would be hateful if the weather was hot, so at least Gia has been spared this discomfort. You must both be extremely relieved to have this procedure out of the way - it is horrible to have something hanging over your lives and not knowing how it will turn out.

   May I say what an attractive lady Gia is. Actually, when I first came on to your site I thought it was Jeanette - Gia is rather like Jeanette to look at. I had never visited your website before as I didn't know that it existed, but have had a very brief look around before a more in-depth experience which is yet to come! It looks to be an absolute credit to you both - as soon as I saw the page on Pets I made a beeline for it, as animals are very important in my life and saw the beautiful photographs of Tristano, your black Labrador/ Shepherd. I have two dogs - an English Cocker Spaniel called Shannon and a Chihuahua called Erin who suddenly decided to develop congestive heart failure and epilepsy last Friday, and who has given me a horrible few days—she seems to be doing all right now—she is on a dispensary of tablets for her condition, but the Vet is extremely optimistic which is really the only possible way to be in this world. Erin is only five years old, so it feels a bit unfair, but modern veterinary medicine is much improved.

   It is difficult recovering from an illness and/or surgery - difficult for both of you. It is hard to say which is the more difficult role—to be the carer or the subject of the care being given, but I sincerely hope that Gia is restored to full health and fitness in the very near future, and feels better for the Spring time ahead. Have just realized that it is actually Maytime and Maytime is my favourite Jeanette/Nelson film.

   I live in Tasmania (island State of Australia), so it is Autumn here—a beautiful time of the year, but will soon have to jolly well get out into the garden and start raking up leaves and giving the lawn one more mow before settling in for the Winter. It doesn't get freezing here like Chicago, the climate is rather like Southern England, but it is quite cold enough for me.

   Anyway, thank you for letting me know how Gia is and for all of your good wishes. I am extremely relieved that things are going along well, and hope that they get much better in the months to come. Love to both of you, you are in my thoughts and prayers, please take care and all good wishes for Mother's Day on Sunday (in Australia we celebrate Mother's Day on the same day as you do).

With much love,

Jennifer XXX



Dear Jennifer,


Gia and I send you our prayers and best wishes for your Darling Erin.  We are all of God's flowers and we are certain the he is watching over her especially during this time.  We do look forward in chatting with you more in the very near future.


Warmest Wishes...Gia and Gio

* * * * * * * * * *

 Post from Norton M.
Sao Paulo, SP Brazil


Fantastic job you are doing. My mom loved it and so did I. Can you please get us the lyrics of


Thank you, Norton

* * * * * * * * * *

Post From Your Host>Gio

March 16, 2005


To all the many fans who have written in wishing

Gia the best on her surgery today and next week--

from the deepest part of our hearts, we thank you!

She is doing well today, a little pain, but she is a



* * * * * * * * * *

Post from Mary S.

February 11, 2005

To Gio - "The Tearful Tenor"

Gio, why the "tearful tenor"? I was just scrolling down over some of the letters from Jeanette's fans & came across yours which lamented the death of Renata Tebaldi - I too was very fond of Tebaldi - a lovely, talented, lady-like soprano who rests gently on my mind having seen & heard her many times at the Metropolitan when I was living in New York.

I was privileged to be there when she made her debut.  So many of these glorious voices I thrilled to while in New York have left us recently - Jerome Hines, Robert Merrill, Nell Rankin, Victoria de Los Angeles, Franco Corelli, etc.  For me, these artists represent what I refer to as my "golden age of opera"  I can't croak a note myself, but my interest in opera & the vocal art evolved from the MacDonald/Eddy musicals when I was a kid.  I also was lucky enough to see & hear Jeanette in Romeo & Juliette when she came to Toronto & heard Nelson Eddy in recital when he was here - I can tell you I was "beyond my depth" seeing & hearing my idols at that time!  I bask in such memories!!

Best to you & Gia & accolades to you both  for your work in promoting the memory of beautiful Jeanette MacDonald.
                   Mary S.



Dear Mary,

What a lovely letter to receive.  It is always a treasure in our lives whenever we find someone who also found the Golden Age of Opera with great artists such as bass Jerome Hines, baritone Robert Merrill, mezzo-soprano Nell Rankin, soprano Victoria de los Angeles, tenor Franco Corelli, and Renata Tebaldi.  The late 40s to early 70s gave us a richness of voices to thrill our hearts for the rest of our lives, and yet there is a sadness that brings a tear to one's eye to know that these golden voices are silent.  Yes, we do have their recordings, and how thankful and appreciative we are to have them.  But to know the great of the greats were once with us, and have departed--leaves a void never to be filled.

It was Jeanette and later Renata that guided my path to the world of opera, and the joy of studying and singing.  My two favorite singers have always been Jeanette and Renata, and now that Renata has left us, the big hand on the clock of time seems to have stopped, at least for me.  We do realize that life goes on--and yet, when you have lived your youth, those magical years of wide-eyed wonder--there is a feeling of emptiness when you see all the pearls of moments that stranded one's life slowly disappearing.

We never had the chance to see Jeanette or Renata in life, only in the movies, TV, or on records.  Mary, we are thrilled and delighted to hear that you were gifted to see all of these great singers.  These memories beating in your heart will always add warmth in your life. 


I cried a tear for Renata, and you were kind enough to help me wipe it.  For this, you have my eternal thank you.  Mary, for as long as you hear these great voices singing in your soul, please know we walk the golden path of great music as friends. 

Gia and I thank you for the gracious words about our JMFC website.  It is a world that we hope Jeanette would have approved of and enjoyed.  Please visit it often, dear friend, and may it always be a light of joy for you as it is for us.

Warmest Wishes>
Gia & Gio/JMFC Hosts


* * * * * * * * * *

Post from Gio and Gia

January 11, 2005


 Dear Janie,


As Gia and I are about to celebrate that first day we met, 35 years ago tomorrow on January 12th, we have been truly blessed in so many ways--the most important--we have each other and still feeling like we are 21 and 25. We have not grown up much in our hearts and minds, only in that which came from-- dust. But during these fabulous 35 years we have met a Rainbow of wealth in friends, which has added to our happiness.  Jeanette and Nelson are among these friends.

We listened to Jeanette and Nelson singing on the CD you sent us and it was so enjoyable to hear the sound of old friends again. Yes, as the years pass by we appreciate our friends more and more, and Jeanette and Nelson feel like those two Golden Pillars of our youth that gave us, and still do, such enjoyment.

Thanks, Janie, for sharing Ollie's memories with us. As much as we valued Jeanette and Nelson--it was more of Ollie we were thinking of. Another dear and loving friend has left us, but her big heart still fills our hearts. A Toast!..."To Ollie, a True Loyal Sweetheart Fan!"

H/K Gia&Gio


* * * * * * * * * *

From Your Host--Gio...

December 20, 2004


This is truly a sad day!


 Tebaldi was my favorite Soprano.

I always loved Jeanette and Tebaldi.

Another part of my heart has been crushed.

The world with out Jeanette and Tebaldi

is a world without music. And with the
parting of  the great Corelli last year

 and Robert Merrill this year, the world
of opera as I knew it is now over.

There no more joy of opera for me.

From now, I only live in the past.

A truly broken heart...

Gio, a tearful tenor

* * * * * * * * * *

Post from Tim

December 20, 2004


Hi! I was able to catch a few minutes of 'Student Prince' and agree that it's pretty to look at and listen to.  Miss Blyth never quite made it to super-star status but it wasn't for lack of talent or beauty.  Remember her as Mildred Pierce's daughter....or as a very fetching mermaid singing to William Powell in 'Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid'?  ....and the moguls didn't really know how to present operetta to audiences as effectively as they did in the 30s.  Even though her 'Rose Marie' was closer to the original stage play it still wasn't nearly as charming as....well,  I talk too much!


Enjoyed your sepia picture of the day from 'Broadway Serenade'.  I happened to catch that film the last time it was on TCM and was surprised that they had dug up the sepia version...which does help that film a bit! 


Have a lovely day!

* * * * * * * * * *

Post from Paul W.

November 5, 2004

Dear JMFC:

Did Jeanette ever record a Christmas album? Also, Why didn't she do more TV in the 1950's and early 1960's?


JMFC Reply:

Thank you for your questions!

We are delighted you found time to visit our JMFC website.  It was created for all of the fans who loved Jeanette. 


As to your first question:

No, Jeanette never did record a Christmas album--but we sure wish she had.  It would have been a best seller for years to come.

As to your second question:

She found TV very troublesome.  She was use to a well organize production system.  TV in its early days had none of this, and she would not perform anything less than was up to her high standards.  And, being the queen of Hollywood, she had the highest.  Jeanette, on more than one occasion had to call Gene to come and help TV station set up the lighting, sound, and sets. It is too bad that Jeanette could not enjoy the marvels of today's television wizardry.

We hope this answers your questions, and stop by often, we are always happy to have Jeanette's friends and fans visit us.

Gia & Gio JMFC/JMDD Hosts

* * * * * * * * * *

A Big Happy Birthday Wish to my

Sweetheart, Gia, from

her devoted Gio

To my darling wife, Gia, Co-host of the JMFC, I take such delight in sharing another birthday of yours.  Life with you is like a like living a fairy tale, with all the golden trimmings.  For you, I live to give you the moon and the stars in the sky, and today on your birthday, I give you again, like I do everyday, my eternal love.  Happy Birthday breath of my heart, my lovely darling, the reason I live life for. 


May I always be your knight, your Prince Charming, your Sweetheart...with all my love, your Gio

* * * * * * * * * *

Post from Bob S.
August 25, 2004


As she said, "She was of such great beauty and her voice was so dulcet to the ear. She used it so delicately that even though she was a Hollywood Movie Star—she was not on the wrong stage as a voice visiting star.” Even though she had written this in one of her reviews, Claudia told me (in person) that Jeanette’s voice surprised everyone and that her voice was so lovely that Opera capitulated and no one could believe the beauty of her tone and acting ability. We shall continue to keep Jeanette, the beauty and voice "alive" as long and we can. I am looking forward to hearing from you—and more importantly, meet for lunch or dinner. With all best wishes—let's do keep touch.

Let me hear the Italian Street Song (with her 35 second high C_ ) and I will be just fine.

Best wishes

* * * * * * * * *

Post from Sandy S.

August 12, 2004



I was just looking at your website of Jeanette MacDonald- it is wonderful!

I grew up listening to my Mom's old records of Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy, the music they made together is timeless.

My Mom is now in her 80's and we enjoyed watching the old movies of her favorites (Eddy and MacDonald) that have recently been on TCM. Hope they show more!

Sandy S.


* * * * * * * * * *

From your Hosts

Gia & Gio



Shari's Day


We Proclaim this day Shari's Day!

We all wish you the best with your surgery Shari,

 and know you will be well and back with us soon.

All our love and prayer!

Your Jeanette Family at the Yahoo JMDD Webgroup.


* * * * * * * * * *

Host: Gia



Dear Fans and Members, I would like to take moment to express my love and best wishes to my Sweetheart, the President of the JMFC, my husband Gio on his birthday today.  As you all know, he has done his best to bring the best of Jeanette to all of her fans, and we are sure that Jeanette would be giving Gio a big piece of cake if she was with us.  To all the many who have sent us congratulations to Gio on his birthday, you know he is deeply touched and I am truly appreciative of the many who think so warm and kindly of my darling.  I love you Sweetheart and I wish you a very, very Happy Birthday.  I will make sure that the week we always spend for special occasions in our lives is full of fun and love.   Your loving Kitten, Gia.

* * * * * * * * * *

Post from Bob S.
Oak Park, IL 60302

July 22, 2004


Dear Gio & Gia,


Let me tell you of her Red Rocks concert in Denver. As you sat in that cavernous auditorium, you could see the green lights of the city. Jeanette came on late. Saul, the director kept looking at his watch. Suddenly she appeared in a green gown and a green dyed mink stole. Her beauty was so great that, once again, the audience gasped and when she did her famous bow ... the house went wild. She opened with Depuis le Jour and mesmerized the vast audience.

How fortunate I was to see and hear her. I was studying music in Aspen. Herta Glaz, Jospeh Rosenstock, Vronsky and Babin, Darius Milhuad, and other great stars of that era were in attendance. She sang without amplification.  According to the ticket people she was the biggest draw in the history of the auditorium.

Her beauty, personality, and  voice were unparalleled. It's too bad that "a Hollywood Star, soprano especially" had to be so criticized. Today, she is considered one of the 100 Greatest Singers. Is it strange...  She might still like to "spit in some critics eyes."

* * * * * * * * * *

Post from your Hosts

 Gio & Gia.


Happy Birthday Wishes


Gia and I wish Janie in Florida a very happy birthday and a big thank you for all of your help, dear with our Ollie Tribute.  You are a lovely doll.  As Gia would say...we send you Hugs & Kisses...Gio & Gia


* * * * * * * * * *

Post from Bob S.
Oak Park, IL 60302

July 18, 2004


She appeared on the stage of Orchestra Hall dressed in a gold lame' skirt and black velvet top with a bustle effect. Dead silence as she entered, then a huge sigh of disbelief followed by a deafening applause as the audience "came back to life." As one critic said - "She came on stage with the wherewithal to stun anyone within eye range of her gorgeous figure and colorful personality."

Claudia Cassidy was stunned by her "dazzle of diamonds" and costume. Felix Barowski wrote "she sings bravura music with brilliance". And so it went for those of us lucky enough to see and hear one of America's truly great artists.

Hosts Response:

We to agree, Bob, with your lovely input about Jeanette; she had it all: beauty, brilliance, dazzle, allurement, and acting unseen on the stage and forever a true Diamond.  She is forever classed with the world's greatest Golden Voices.

* * * * * * * * * *


Gia and Gio

JMFC's Hosts

Happy Birthday Tessa Williams



Dear Friends

Today is Tessa's birthday. She has been a member of Jeanette MacDonald International Fan Club from the very beginning, 1937/38 and is now one of the CO-Presidents.  She has been a True Loyal Fan to Jeanette and has given her life to see that Jeanette's sterling qualities are always kept shiny bright.  Since Jeanette has passed away, a new world and a new way of thinking has emerged, one that Jeanette had said in 1955 that she did not like and had turned off much of it.  People spoke untruths and mean words about others, something that she (Jeanette) could or would never do. She never gossiped or spoke a bad word about anyone, and practice the Golden Rule, which she knew would not occur once she passed on, but understood, that Clara and Tessa and other True Loyal Jeanette Fans would speak up and out for her and Gene and always defend their untarnished reputation. 

Tessa, darling, we love you so much, and we wish you the best of birthday's today.  I guess June saved the last day for another angel. 

All of our love and devotion>
Gia & Gio

* * * * * * * * * *

Post from Richard C.


Great work and so professionally done. My mother loved Jeanette and took us ONLY to her movies.

* * * * * * * * * *

Post from Shari & Ed



Hi Gia and Gio,

I am sending a photo of Kourtnie in her ballet costume...she is growing up so fast, and it was very evident in this year's recital....she has acquired grace and poise like never before...and she had the sweetest smile....I am so proud of her...she loves to perform...it is in her blood...and "WE" know how that feels!!!!!!
                                           * * * * *
Dear Shari,

Gio and I send our congratulations to Kourtnie for a lovely job well done.  We are all so proud.  You are right when you say, she has grown up so fast. She is a perfect young lady and we know only more will come.

                                                                                            Gia & Gio


* * * * * * * * * *

Post fromTim


 Hi All!

Saw your schedule and thought you might like to add this antique that is showing June 9 after midnight. This version of the musical stars John Boles and Bebe Daniels and was a huge hit in it's day. I'm sure it's very, very creaky now...but this is the type of film that was around when Jeanette was filming 'Love Parade'. The last half hour is in early Technicolor which should add to the fun.

Just as info....


* * * * * * * * * *

In Tritbute!

Ed and Shari J.


Raymond Leslie Anderson
U.S. Army Air Forces


 Cheryl Anderson Johnson, Daughter



Dear Group Members,


     For sometime now, I have promised Gia and Gio that I would write the story of my Dad and Nelson Eddy for the Jeanette MacDonald Divine Diva Webgroup and JMFC.com Website. The following is the story as I remember it.

     My Father, a young Lieutenant who had been studying as a baritone before the war, was on a bombing run on March 22, 1944, during World War II, when his B-17 air ship was hit by gun fire and disintegrated with seven crewmen on board. My Dad, the lone survivor, was taken captive behind enemy lines and held prisoner for the next one-and-one-half years by the Germans at Stalag Luft 1, Prisoner of War Camp at North 1, Barracks 7, Room 3. While in the POW camp, my Dad wrote a letter on December 6, 1944, to his favorite baritone singer, the one-and-only NELSON EDDY. The gracious Mr. Eddy answered the letter on March 16, 1945, and also forwarded my Dad's letter on to my Mother ... so, as he stated, "she could read between the lines."

     Thirteen years later, when Mr. Eddy and Gale Sherwood had a singing engagement in Houston, Texas in 1957, my Dad contacted Mr. Eddy. Mr. Eddy, remembering the POW letter, consented to meet with us. I must say—my Dad did this for me—because I just HAD to meet Mr. Eddy. Having listened to his records since I was three years old, and having memorized the entire album of Disney’s "The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met" where Mr. Eddy sang all the parts—why—I knew it was something that just HAD to happen! It had to—and it did!!!.

     And so when I was 11 years old, my Dad took my sister and me to meet the famous singer. I still can see Mr. Eddy now—tall, blonde, a handsome HERO-of-a-man walking toward us through the lobby of the grand Shamrock Hotel. He was so elegant!!! It is truly a "highlight" in my life to know I stood in the presence of "The Voice" that I had listened to all my young life; and I actually heard him speak, shook his hand, smelled his Cologne, and heard him laugh and joke. Yes it was everything I had imagined "The Voice" would be like and so much more. Moments later, Miss Sherwood had entered the lobby and Mr. Nelson waved his hand, and motioned her to join us. Always the perfect gentleman, he introduced us to her—and oh how beautiful and gracious she was.

     Yes, as you can imagine, among my cherished treasures are these two letters of my father and Mr. Eddy. I shall be eternally grateful for his warmth and kindness to us.

     I am so honored to have known and loved the music of this great man. But to have had the opportunity to meet him in person is a privilege that has forever touched my heart and soul. If I had never shared this experience with anyone, it would be DEAR to me, but to be able to share this with others who love and respect him—well, it is truly an HONOR!!

    My Dad and I learned all the Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald duets ... and performed "their music" until he passed away on December 8, 2002.

     It is wonderful to know that LOVE for Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald lives on in the hearts of fellow group members. Thank you all for loving them as I do!!!




* * * * * * * * * *

Post from Christa C.


Hello Gia and Gio,

I wanted to say that your website is a beautiful moving tribute to Jeanette!!! I am so glad to see something so wonderful out on the World Wide Web!!! You're bookmarked in my favorites for sure!!! Great site, great folks!!!

* * * * * * * * * *

 Post from Ed and Shari J.



Dear Sweetheart Fans,


Since this site is all about "Sweethearts", I would like to announce that my sweetheart and  I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary on January 5, 2004....he treats me like a princess ... and I feel so blessed!!


When we were first married in 1968, he suggested that I put an ad in the newspaper to see if I could replace some of my worn out and scratched 78 rpm records of Nelson Eddy. and Jeanette MacDonald...then he drove me all over the county buying one at a time as we could afford them ... I was so excited to be able to hear some of them again.  He was only 18 years old...and had never heard of this type of classical music before. I was so touched at his concern and willingness to make me happy.


Ed and Shari ....Sweethearts Forever!!!


And....Congratulations to Gia and Gio for their many years together!!!


JMFC response:

Thank Sweetheart Fan,


Ed and Shari, your lives have been a true-life fairy tale, and forever the Prince and Princess lived happily ever after.  Gio and I send are congratulations to you two Sweethearts and also thank you for yours to us.  We will cherish your heartfelt feeling forever.


* * * * * * * * * *

Post from Ollie M.


Gio & Gia
        I just went on your website and what a beautiful site it is to look at.
What a wonderful array  for the memory of our two singing sweethearts, two voices that will always be heard by all who loved them and admired them.  I read all the comments members have written and I agree with them all, I'm glad also to be a member of the JMIFC. The pictures are great also. 
AH Sweet Mystery Of Life    I know they found their answer to their calling in their hearts  and also found the happiness in theirs lives  they so richly earned and deserve for all eternity....two voices and two hearts that can never be replaced.



JMFC response:

Thank Sweetheart Fan, Ollie....


It is great to have fans of the Sweethearts visit and reminiscence of how sweet life once was when our two Song Birds brought the sun into our hearts.  Jeanette and Nelson will always be part of our lives, and we are so lucky to have them.  Please visit often, we love having you.

* * * * * * * * * *

Post from Tim T.


Dear Gio and Gia

Thanks so much for your wonderful web site dedicated to one of the delightful jewels of film and stage.  I especially enjoyed the unique photos you have of this special lady and also (as I am a singer) your articles on the art of singing.  Although some may quibble about whether or not Jeanette's charming, delicate voice was exactly right for grand opera, there is little doubt of the impact she and Nelson had on generations of young singers and the beautiful music they brought to everyone.  At any rate, your site is obviously a labor of love...keep up the fine work!

Also I would like to add that 'Love Me Tonight' is finally being released on video and DVD courtesy of Critic's Choice Videos.  Although this appears to be the current 90 min film that's been available (still missing some scenes which haven't been seen for years), apparently the video has an audio commentary about those missing scenes as well as photos...could be interesting.

Also worthy of note...the Lawrence Tibbett/Grace Moore version of the 'New Moon' (1930-31) is airing on Turner Classic Movies Jan 12th at 1:30...or early Monday morning.  Fans should check their own TV schedule to get it right for their area!  This should be seen by any fans of great singing.  Tibbett was one the greatest...and Moore was no slouch!  Don't expect the same plot (or charm) as the Jeanette/Nelson version, but it should be interesting.

Tim T.
Atlanta, GA

* * * * * * * * * *

JMFC response:
Hi, Tim!

We are delighted you enjoyed our JMFC.com website.  It is a devotion of great appreciation and love to a true Diva.  We are slowly building the site with features that we hope will bring you back time after time again.  You mentioned that you were a singer, yourself, we would be most interested in what type of singing you do and the type of voice you have. 

As for Jeanette making it into opera, much of this would depend upon the venue she sang in.  Having sung opera myself in Europe, there were many opera houses that were ideally suited for the light and small voice.  Let us not forget Tito Schippa...he had a small and light voice, but his well trained voice in the Bel Canto method style had taught him how to project the voice out to the back of any opera house.  It is said, one could even hear his piano voce at the rear of an opera house.

We certainly do agree, Jeanette and Nelson had a major impact on generations, then and even now, and their magic is still as fresh and sparkling as when they were with us.  We thank you for the info on the "Love Me Tonight" DvD.  We are hoping that someday, all of their work will be on Dvd.  Our Fans will be excited to learn that the 1930 version of New Moon will be on TCM this Jan. 12. at 1:30am EST.  Gia and I will be sure to set our VCR to record it.

Here is TCM's info:

Jan 12, 12:30 AM CST

Monday Morning


New Moon (1930) A Russian lieutenant falls in love with a beautiful princess. Lawrence Tibbett, Grace Moore, Adolphe Menjou. D: Jack Conway. BW 78m.

Jan. 12, 3:00 PM CST

Monday Noontime

The Great Waltz (1938) Composer Johann Strauss risks his marriage over his infatuation with a beautiful singer. Luise Rainer, Fernand Gravet, Miliza Korjus. D: Julien Duvivier. BW 104m. CC


It is always so nice to me fans of Jeanette and to make a new friend.  So we welcome you with a Big Jeanette Smile and hope to hear from you soon and often.

Look for your comment in our Fan's Response site page. 

We wish you the best of the new year and always--Luck in your dreams>Gio & Gia/JMFC hosts.


* * * * * * * * * *

Post from Fran




You are so right ! We are the lucky ones having grown up and knowing about about her and her music most of our lives. It's up to us and other loyal fans to get the word out about her wonderful life and music.


Everyone at the Hyer household: Wish you and Gia a Very Merry and Blessed Christmas and a very Happy and healthy New Year. I'm looking forward to another year of telling everyone about Jeanette.


* * * * * * * * * *

Post from Vicki


Hello Gia & Gio,


I just wanted to tell you I love your Jeanette web site and thank you for all your hard work which I'm sure is a labor of love! I'm so happy to know there are many people out there who loves Jeanette as I do and I'm so grateful there are people like you who will continue to keep her name before the public. I've been a huge Jeanette fan for about 35 years and her star has never dimmed one bit for me over the years. I have copies of all her movies and every book that was ever written about her.


I check your web site almost every evening to see what new things you've added and I was delighted to see the pet page. I have a Schnauzer that will soon be 12 years old and he's grown up listening to Jeanette's music with me. I would really be thrilled if you could include his photo on the pet page! His name is Bogey and he's a real "Sweetheart".


Thank you again for the wonderful web site and I'll be looking forward to seeing more and more goodies.



* * * * * * * * * *

Post from Mr. Nap



Just looked at your website for our dear lady, Jeanette MacDonald.
Nice job. There are many out there who love pets, and who love Jeanette,
and always will. Thanks.

Mr. Hap and the Molly-cat

* * * * * * * * * *


 Post from Shari  

Dear Group Members,

In joining this group, I will attempt to tell you why I adore Jeanette MacDonald....

My Father, a baritone himself, who adored Nelson Eddy, taught me to sing when I was very young.  In our house, Nelson Eddy was the only music we listened to, until my Father bought the new album out in the late 50's with Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald...about the same time,  television showed "Naughty Marietta" and "New Moon".....I thought she was the most beautiful, graceful, actress I had ever seen...and that VOICE!!!!!  What young girl would not want to be just like her!!!

I could not get enough recordings of her....I learned so much from listening to her, and I loved the sound of her voice - the vibrato - and the clearness of her sound - her music filled my life.

She inspired me to study music, and at age l3 yrs, after studying several years with a voice coach,  I began studying with Edward Bing of the Houston Grand Opera...I obviously did not become famous or anything like that, but I have had a Blessed life full of beautiful music and appreciation  to have been taught the love of MUSIC!!

Before my Father died a few months ago, we did some programs for seniors, and sang Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald music to their delight.  It was very fulfilling and wonderful to sing with my Dad...He had a really beautiful voice...and I will post at a later date by request of Gio, the story of my Dad and Nelson Eddy.

I am looking forward to talking with others who respect the talent of Jeanette MacDonald and recognize her  how multi-talented she really IS!!!!

Thanks for listening........Shari

Gift from Ian B.

* * * * * * * * * *

Post from Ian


hi gio
hope you are ok

just a little bit of info for you that i did not know ........i was searching through an old record shop and there was an LP  record in there called GREAT MOMENTS IN SHOW BUSINESS with a compilation of singers etc, on it and there was a track recorded on november 19th 1936 by jeanettes husband gene called twinkle twinkle little star .........

i had to buy the LP  of course and now its next to jeanettes ..........

fond regards ian


* * * * * * * * * *

Post from Fran


I agree with you Holly. This is a wonderful group of people and we all love Jeanette


* * * * * * * * * *

Post from Fran





I feel that Debbie is right. We all need a place to touch base with everyone who loves Jeanette. I know I have been very lax in posting. But I will do better in the future.  If you ever need help I'm just a phone call away. All you have to do is call and I'll be there. Even though I've been busy lately, things should start slowing down for me soon. It seems that my life goes in spurts sometimes.


Bless you and Gia for all the work you have put forth for Jeanette. I know you feel it's not work but a labor of love for our wonderful Jeanette.


Luck In Your Dreams,


* * * * * * * * * *

Post from Diane


Hi Gia and Gio,
The site is just beautiful!  So feminine and fitting our Diva.  You do wonderful work and your love for Jeanette truly shows.  Keep up the good work.

Luv, Diane

* * * * * * * * * *

Post from Holly



I love Jeanette too and all of her dear fans in this club !



* * * * * * * * * *

Post from Debbie


Jeanette_MacDonald_Divine_Diva] Re:


A Jeanette hello


whew! what a relief. it would have been sooooo sad if we lost this and the second floor. the webpage is lovely, but its fun to belong to a group as well. and to see that there are others here that adore out Jeanette too, even if folks are quiet. some folks have computer
troubles etc. but I am sure we all check in. this home is sooo worthy of Jeanette. you and Gia and Ian and the others have made it soooo warm and comforting. many singers have 2 groups and they are no where near our Jeanette. that sounds a little snobby, but it is not meant to be, i guess what I am saying is it is good to see this home for dear sweetheart. if you ever need help remember I am here. I will always be keeping an eye on the group. I check in every day. even if folks don't post, I understand, there are groups i am in that has not had a post for ages, sometimes its yahoo as well. but it is lovely that they are there. keep up the good work Gio and Gia. I loved the update to the webpage about a day in Jeanette's life. that was soooo sweet and in her own words too.

Have a great Jeanette filled day everyone
luck in your dreams

* * * * * * * * * *

Post from Ian


Hi Gio

Thank you for the first years report, and the comments re the pictures i send......all i can say is i love to share any items I have of jeanette .....gene....nelson.....it can i hope give people pleasure and i hope in time more fans to enjoy jeanette and keep alive her memory.........

Than you as well for all the hard work and of course gia........

With regards to any negative comments on jeanette i think we are above all that and i know i want to hear every thing i can about jeanette good or bad and it would not change my feelings towards her ........at the end of the day they are all like us HUMAN we all make mistakes as we go through life......

I know one thing , i have made many great friends through jeanette and two i would like to mention are lee and bern who i regard in the short time i have known them as my american sisters ..........

So no matter what anyone says about our stars,  jeanette is still radiating love all over the world and if there was a few jeanettes in each country what a fantastic planet this would be .............

Once again thanks gio and i do hope that one day we can all meet .....

My fond regards to all members from me and the uk


* * * * * * * * * *

Post from Markus


Hi Gio:

Thanks for the compliment about my comments on Jeanette's performance as the elderly Marcia Mornay. I don't see my post to your earlier post here on the message board, so I assume it must have disappeared into cyberspace somewhere (and to think I'm PAYING for this service! lol!) Just didn't want you to think I was slighting/ignoring your posts or didn't appreciate your considerate comments.

From all I've read, Jeanette was certainly a very dedicated artist. According to the biography written by Professor Turk, although many singers tried to absorb the opaque and somewhat radical teachings of Ferdinand Torianni and his assistant, Grace Newell, Jeanette was the only one of the pupils to do so, though
she had to literally adopt an ascetic lifestyle in order to do so. Like all fine artists, Jeanette obviously sensed instinctively what was right for her and turned it to her advantage.

The comparison with Tito Gobbi is certainly an apt one. Although his lean and crisp baritone lacked the lush vocal palette of those of contemporaries like Robert Merrill and Leonard Warren, Gobbi was undoubtedly one of the great operatic actors of the twentieth century, and perhaps Maria Callas's finest partner, especially in the role of Scarpia. I liken him in some respects to Frank Sinatra. By operatic standards, the voice in and of itself, though a good one, was not conventionally beautiful or exceptional, but the musico/dramatic intelligence behind it unquestionably was.

To attain this level of artistry, Gobbi also had to adopt an ascetic lifestyle devoted fully to his art. From the arduous exercise regimen imposed upon him as a child by his physical education teacher Giovanni del Sasso, to the strict vocal instruction of his teacher, the noted tenor Giulio Crimi, Gobbi made whatever sacrifices were necessary, including subsisting for months on a daily ration of supplies (rice balls with a bit of meat in the center) to achieve his goal of operatic stardom.

Of course, having a teacher who introduced him to potential patrons with the phrase: "Treat him properly or I will kill you. I am a Sicilian remember, and I carry a knife" probably didn't hurt Gobbi any.

On second thought, maybe it did...depending upon how the listener responded to the "introduction". lol!

Best Regards,

* * * * * * * * * *

Post from Fran



A big Jeanette WELCOME to the 2 new members that have joined our merry group. This is a wonderful group to belong to. We love talking about our wonderful Jeanette. I have been a fan of hers since I was a child ( a very long time ago )


Again welcome to the group.


* * * * * * * * * *

Post from Bernadette


To: Jeanette_MacDonald_Divine_Diva@yahoogroups.com

Hi-listen did any of you watch "the women" last night on TCM? With Norma shearer Marie Blake had a bit (AKA blossom) and--in one scene the maid reports this line to the cook "my boyfriend said I have eyes just like Jeanette Macdonald" i had never noticed this before-see how this group is educating me!

* * * * * * * * * *

Post from Diane


Webgroup Message Post:

Hi Deborah,
Just wished to add to your praise of Jeanette's talents the fact that Nelson never tried to overpower her in duets.  That is what made them so magic!  They understood the meaning of a duet and made one another shine.




Hi, Sweetheart Fans....


Diane, we all seem to be sing the same musical notes this week.


It is so true about the blending of voices.  To me, I have always felt Nelson was that big, soft, white cloud in the sky that Jeanette gently, and always knowing securely, he was there to support her, and Jeanette was the beautiful Silver Lining, sending rays of light into our hearts


A Big Jeanette smile to you all...Gia & Gio



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