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Tenors--The Kings of Opera by Gio

Art of the Bel Canto Singing Voice by Gio   

Jeanette's Merry Widow by Ken Norton   Jeanette and Nelson--Two Singing Voices by Gio
Ah, How Sweet You Sang Jeanette! Maytime, The Perfect Movie
Five Magical Words-by Gio
Happy Birthday Jeanette #102- The Queen of Hollywood-by Gio Nelson--Silver Screen’s Golden Baritone Article

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The R.M.S. Titanic -- Out of Liverpool -- 1912

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Gia & Gio's

Collection of Yesterday Things


Louis Sullivan's Last Window


4600 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago


Corners of State and Madison

the day after the Chicago Fire, 1873

World Colombian Exposition-1893

World Colombian Exposition-1893

State Street

Chicago - Circa 1900


State Street Chicago -1905

Corner of Lincoln & Robey

Chicago - circa 1910

Corner of Lincoln & Robey

Chicago - circa 1910

Wacker Drive, Chicago -1928


Chicago River -1930

Chicago Comisky Park-1913

Home of the Chicago White Sox

Chicago Wrigley Field - Circa 1930s

Home of the Chicago Cubs

Chicago Wrigley Building -1959


Bell belonging to the

1861 Chicago Military Hospital

 for Union Soldier

Letter Dated Oct. 1, 1863-Chicago Military Hospital for Union Soldier

66th Annual Meeting of the

 Chicago Washington Home -

 December 31, 1929

Chicago Northcenter Newspaper

November 11, 1931-Armistice Day



Little Girl Washing Dog - circa 1920s

Norman Rockwell





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