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Debbie P. Posting of G.D. Hamann on Jeanette--1930s and 1940s 




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Jeanette MacDonald—What She Means To Me


Debbie P.


       Why do I adore Jeanette MacDonald?  Well—she has bridged my family in both generations and countries.  We are two generations of fans.  She has been a beacon and guide to me.  In my love of classical music and operetta, Jeanette had covered both.  She was a fine example for women of all generations.  She always had kind words for fans and young students.  She also helped out in so many charities that it is impossible to list here.  In times of sadness I can put on a CD or film of hers and feel the world is a better place because of Jeanette.

       We often think of the hard times we live in; and yet, Jeanette lived through the Great Depression World War II, Korean War, and Cold War with grace and dignity.

       She is a role model in so many ways.  Jeanette never gossiped about her colleagues and was truly loyalty itself.  For instance, many folks hated Louis B. Mayer, and yet, Jeanette sang at his funeral service when he passed away.  She always remembered him, even though there where times when they did not get along.

       In the music world the greats like Ezio Pinza, Robert Merrill, and Lily Pons—they were all admires of her on and off the screen. This is fine and rare.  Jeanette being a trooper was another one of her diamond qualities, as she proven this many times—like the evening she sang outdoors during a pouring rain storm.

       In my own life she has opened up many new items in the musical and films world. 

      And now you know why I adore Jeanette.  Jeanette has been and will always be seen as a shining beacon to the world.

      Another GREAT woman and one I admire above ALL others is my dear mother. She is always there by my side; and I am forever grateful for all my Mom and Dad have given me.  One of their most wonderful gifts was introducing me to the amazing Jeanette.

      So no matters what happens in this world, it is a grand place for me always, thanks to Jeanette always being there.  And for having two of the best parents in the Universe. 






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