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The Perfect Movie!

Photo Gift from Ian


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Maytime, The Perfect Movie!




      From 1935 to 1942 the world was treated to eight Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy movies. Where Naughty Marietta and Rose Marie introduced the romantic acting team to the world, their third picture, Maytime, established their artistic talents, charms, and fabulous looks as Hollywood’s consummate, all-time, screen magical lovers.
    Great artists in their own right, in 1937 MGM reunited Jeanette and Nelson again, hoping they could cash in on their great success. However, this wasn’t the case when Irving Thalberg started filming the first version of Maytime. Thalberg had an entirely different story, dark and depressing, and one which Jeanette was not happy with it. She knew that Nelson’s and her creative talents were being misused. Upon Thalberg’s death, MGM started over from scratch with a new version, a romantic story of two lovers (Marcia Mornay/Miss Morrison and Paul Allison) who live their lives holding onto one kiss—a kiss which would overcome the dark barrier placed in their path. In typical Hollywood style, the lovers live happily ever after to the roaring delight of the moviegoing audience. It became the crown jewel for the Silver Screen’s greatest fairytale and romantic acting team, winning them the title of Hollywood’s “Sweethearts”, one which lives on to this day.
    A motion picture of unsurpassable artistic perfection, the main role is the world of opera, and Jeanette and Nelson are characters playing out parts in this dramatic musical work. We are treated to three beautiful romantic scenes, culminating in the magical, classic Garden Walk. Through the art of cinematography, forever our two lovers shall always walk down the garden path, as their voices sing directly to our hearts, and into the annals of motion picture history. Seven decades later Jeanette and Nelson fans still wipe the tears from their eyes as their two Sweethearts find their way back into each other’s arms.
    MGM’s blending of Jeanette, Nelson, the beautiful songs, a montage of arias, and Stothart’s adaptation from Piotr Ilyich Tchaikosky’s Fifth Symphony (used to create the opera Czaritza in the movie), all lend to make this Silver Screen box office smash hit The Classic Love Story. Living up to her star billing as the Queen of Hollywood, Jeanette once again thrills the world with her classic beauty. She was a star with a million looks, each one a masterpiece. Her presence on the screen was larger than life, larger than movies, larger than Hollywood!     Looking at her gorgeous sea-green eyes was like staring at two twinkling stars in the celestial firmament.
    It is clear why Jeanette MacDonald movies—be it the Merry Widow, San Francisco, The Firefly, or the eight movies she acted in with Nelson, were box office hits—they starred Jeanette. Moviegoers flocked to see the dazzling and dynamic superstar on the big screen, finding it impossible to take their eyes off of her—for she was truly magnetic. Jeanette was the quintessence of elegance and demure charm—the ne plus ultra. With just a bat of her eye she captivated, captured, and conquered one’s heart. It is no wonder all of her leading men were enthralled with her; Jeanette’s sparkling personality made a man feel like a King.
    Maytime (132 minutes long) is filled with one fabulous scene after another, some funny, some tragic, and then there are the three great romantic scenes. The first is where Marcia and Paul profess their love to each other at the May Festival in the heart rendering love song, Will You Remember. It is classic Jeanette/Nelson magic. He is dashing, and she is delicate and luscious! Sensitive to her heart breaking, she stares into his eyes, wishing the moment will never end. Singing their hearts’ love to each other, the audience’s hearts beat wildly as their lips passionately kiss.
    It is true Clark Gable, Maurice Chevalier, Alan Jones, and her other leading men had kissed other leading ladies in other films, but they were pale in comparison to a Jeanette kiss. And this was the same with Nelson in Maytime. Yes, one kiss did last them all of their lives in Maytime, but that one kiss was so stupendous that seven decades later the passion of it is still felt. They brought to the Silver Screen a romance that was so beautiful, so perfect, and so believable. It is no small wonder the world fell in love with them, and would always see them on the screen as the perfect love, the perfect romance, as Sweethearts to their last breath.
    Adding to this great romantic masterpiece is the Czaritza Kiss! In the movie a Russian opera is composed for Marcia Mornay by the Italian composer Trentini. The stage is cleared and the two lovers sing to the dramatic and stirring romantic music of Tchaikovsky. Marcia and Paul pour out their passion for us like no other film actors could ever do. Singing as one heart, desperately in love with each other, we are thrilled to one of the all time rare film moments—the perfect love scene. Jeanette is ravishing in her Czarina gown and a kokoshnik, (a crescent-shaped Russian headdress, adorned with gold and pearl embroidery, and gemstones). Nelson, our defiant heroic patriot who has dared to challenge the Russian Empire, holds the Czarina in his arms as she caresses his golden hair. Standing in the wings is Nicolai Nazaroff (Marcia’s husband, played by John Barrymore) who glares in a furious rage, hating himself for unknowingly reuniting his wife with the man she loves. The music builds to a crescendo as the two opera stars’ lips join, but it is Marcia and Paul’s lips that are kissing for ten riveting seconds. The ecstatic audience bursts into applause as the two lovers embrace.
    Movies become classics for many reasons. For Maytime, it was the great acting and singing talents of Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy that made this motion picture a true classic. Unfortunately they were never given the proper credit for their acting. The reason was that they appeared so natural on the screen which made the movie so believable. In over a hundred years of moviemaking, no other actors have ever been able to duplicate their magic on the silver screen.
   Fans love to fantasize about their favorite stars, and many times put them on a pedestal. In Jeanette and Nelson’s case, they were placed at the top of the world. Because of movie stars enormous success, the line between moviemaking and real life tend to become blurred. This was never more apparent than with Jeanette and Nelson. Fans who fell in love with the couple on the screen, wished that their fairytale acting team would be romantically involved in real life too. In a sense, this wish of the millions of moviegoers who wanted them to be romantically linked in real life only pays tribute to how great actors they were. But then, when a motion picture has the two greatest film singers, who are also beautiful and handsome, and a magnificent story—the end product is cinema magic, and people always wish a beautiful story to live on forever.
    For those who have seen Maytime, they certainly understand this cinematic magic. For those who have not yet seen it, what a wonderful experience awaits them. Never again will they look at romance in the movies in the same way, for they have seen the very best the Silver Screen has to offer—they have seen Maytime, The Perfect Movie!




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