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1 Gene and  Jeanette


Dear Gia and Gio,

     I always wished I could have seen Jeanette in person but it was never to be. But I have many memories of the short time I knew her - a birthday card, a short note, a Christmas card written while she was ill in her last few weeks and received the day before she died, something I treasure. Another measure of the kind of person she was: she took the time to personally write a note in a Christmas card to a young fan even though she was suffering. .... Fay L.




Here is another photo I'd like to add to my Photo Collection Tribute to Jeanette.  It's probably one of my very favourites of Jeanette taken in 1962 at one of the revival screenings in Los Angeles of the Operetta Series. She has the most beautiful smile, perfectly groomed and dressed - and looking many years younger than her almost 60 years. I think 1962 was her very best year.  .... Fay L.

September 2005 Photo Gifts From Fay L.

1) Jeanette on Tap Phone in her home; 2) Gene and Jeanette planting Vines at Twin Gables; 3) Jeanette and Leona Sweet; 4) MGM Poster of The Firefly with Jeanette and Dumbrille; 5) Jeanette's 1964 hospital stay.

1) And I hope you like the attached photo of Jeanette in theTap Room at Twin Gables on the old-style phone. It's a particularly nice photo I think.

2) In going through some of my collection I have come across the photos of Twin Gables that were taken for a TV show back in the early 1960s and the commentary that went with it. This series appeared in the Golden Comet in about 1961 over three issues I think.

Here is the article that appeared in the Golden Comet written by Leona Sweet on her meeting 3)

with Jeanette and Gene in Philadelphia in 1962 (I'll need to check the year but I'm fairly sure it was 1962; if not, it would have been 1963).


 Jeanette's 1964 hospital stay.

Our Gallant Girl Hospital Stay

Read the article by Jane Smoot


MGM Poster of 

The Firefly

August 2005 Photo Gifts From Fay L.


"Christmas 1962A" was the last Christmas Jeanette and Gene celebrated at Twin Gables as the next year they sold and moved to the Comstock apartments.




Photo of Jeanette with Blossom was taken during her hospital stay in Houston 1963-64. She was only meant to be there for a short while, but she developed pleurisy and was there for several weeks, over Christmas and New Year. Just a further note about the photo of Blossom and Jeanette in the hospital 1963 - the photo (plus there was one of Jeanette on her own) was taken by JMIFC member, Jane Smoot, who lived in Texas, and who was invited over to spend some time with Jeanette. It was detailed in one of the 1964 issues of the Golden Comet. I will try to find that article and email it to you as I'm sure you will be interested to read first hand of an afternoon with Jeanette.

5    6       7


These two photos were taken during the first Clan Clave in 1962 which was held to celebrate Anniversary Jeanette and Gene's 25th Wedding and the 25th Anniversary of JMIFC. Jeanette and Gene opened their home to the fans who attended the 3 day event - she and Gene had to leave because of her doctor's appointment in La Jolla - but the fans were free to go over the grounds.

 Photo taken at the Luau Restaurant for the 

JMIFC Clan Clave Banquet July 1962. 

The dinner was hosted - and paid for by ---

 Jeanette and Gene. 

8 8   9   10

The next four photos were taken by the young fan seated with Jeanette attending a performance of a play  that Gene was appearing in on the East Coast. (1963)


I've attached a couple more photos for you to enjoy. I'm certain they were taken at the rehearsal of Jeanette's 1951 concert at the Robin Hood Dell, which she performed at on numerous occasions.


 1      2        3

  Pictures:  1) Jeanette and Gene  -  October 1935 Cocoanut Grove Ambassador  *  2) Jeanette Bridal Shower (Jeanette, Mother, sister Blossom sitting) * 3)  Gene and Jeanette -  Honeymoon 1937.

    1      2      3

 Pictures: 1)  Nelson, Jeanette, Gene, Jimmy Stewart  at Rose Marie party - 1936 * 2) Anna MacDonald with Gene and Jeanette on set of "The Firefly" - 1937.   It might be of interested to know that in the Bridal Shower photo you can see Nelson's mother Isabel standing behind Anna.  And the photo of Jeanette, Anna  and Gene on the Firefly set was taken at the Tea given in honour of Jeanette and Gene's wedding - a sort of bridal shower I suppose. * 3)  Jeanette and Gene and friends at Party-1936.


        15       16       17

 South Pacific Premiere                                                                                     Philly Honour

    1)                2)                  3)   

 Pictures: 1) Gene backstage with Jeanette - 1956 Kansas City - " King and I "    2) Jeanette 1957 Concert Tour

Below 6 photos are taken of Jeanette in her dressing room when she was appearing in  "The King & I" at the Starlight Theatre, Kansas City, 1956.  Jeanette was extraordinarily good to her fans and this is another proof of  that generosity. Aren't we lucky to have these wonderful photos?

 1  2  3 4 5 6

1          2          3          4          5 

These photos above were taken in May 1962 at Twin Gables by Ken Richards who visited with Jeanette for the day. The first photo is of Ken with Jeanette. The second one of Jeanette sitting on the couch was one she particularly liked  and had b&w prints done for the Golden Comet. I think it looks beautiful in colour. In fact, they're all beautiful photos.


1          2         3          4

This series of photos above were taken by Ken Richards around 1958 in NY, it must have been getting close to Easter as Jeanette ordered some flowers to be

sent to the girls' families - one of the girls is Ann and the other is, I think, her protégée.

1)    2)     3)    4)  5) 

Pictures: 1) Jeanette and Tauber * 2) Jeanette,  Lubitsch-Olympic * 3) October 10, 1942 - Mosque Theatre, NJ * 4) Jeanette backstage * 5) Jeanette on "What's My Line" December, 1952.

April 2005 Photo Gifts From Fay L.

1 .                           2 

Fans with Jeanette and Gene 1900s

 Pool Photo Gifts From Fay L.

.1   2      3

   Jeanette sitting at home by the pool.              Jeanette floating in her pool                         Jeanette stepping out of her pool.

 Movie Photo Gifts From Fay L.

1     2    3      4 

            Nelson and Jeanette                               Nelson and Jeanette                   Jeanette Singing Czaritza                Jeanette in movie -

          Maytime                                                     Maytime                                         Maytime                                    Maytime

1)                        2) 

 Pictures: 1) Nelson during scene break - Maytime * 2)  Nelson, Lily Pons, Jeanette, W. S. Van Dyke II.

1)   2)  3) 4)

Pictures: 1)  Nelson and Jeanette - The Girl of the Golden West * 3) Jeanette - I Married An Angel * 4) Nelson, Dumbrille and Jeanette - I Married an Angel -1942.   

  Jeanette pictures with other Stars  

Jeanette and Herman Bing

Rose Marie - 1936      


Jeanette and Nelson funning with

  camera on stage

Jeanette, Bob Montgomery, Nelson 

on Maytime set having fun-1936 


Lloyd Nolan, Jeanette, Nelson,

 Gene  attending 1955 party



Nelson and Jeanette -1930s


Nelson and Jeanette -1930s



Nelson and Jeanette -1900s



Jeanette and Nelson  1955



Jeanette and Nelson -  Lux Video TV show in 1956...

Note:  - I believe this was their first TV appearance together


To the best of my knowledge, this

 was from their appearance on the

Patti Paige TV show "The Big Record" in 1957.


What is a Shandy?

Fay L. Note:


The photo of Nelson with a "shandy"

was taken in Sydney 1962 on his first visit

to Australia -

A "shandy" is a half beer, half lemonade -

 Don't know if you have this in the US?


Hosts comments:

Thanks Fay for enlightening us,

it sure sounds good on a hot summer day!



  Nelson and Fay in Australia - 1962  



Edna, Nelson and Fay in Australia - 1962

      When we were having our photos taken with Nelson - I was introduced as his youngest club member and he seemed quite pleased with that and promptly put his arm around me! - Edna told Nelson that she had first discovered him in India in 1935 - her father was a Jeanette fan and they would walk 2 miles to the cinema and 2 miles back to see one of her films. When she first saw "Naughty Marietta" she was instantly smitten with Captain Warrington. When she told him she'd seen the film more than 250 times since then he couldn't believe that anyone would want to "see such a greenhorn"! He was quite amazed with her dedication! What a fantastic day that was, then to see him perform his nightclub act - twice in the one night. Fay L.



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