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 Gift from Ian B.

Golden Diva's Message Board


Thank you for your submissions!  Jeanette's Fans love them!.


Here is where you can tell about your experiences.  You can post an article, message or any item about Jeanette and her life and friends if you have one or you can just talk about some of your feelings, experiences on how she has inspired your life.


Email your Name, Location, comment to:  and we will post it!


Welcome one and all -- greetings from your moderators, Gia and Gio!

This website is created in the spirit that Jeanette Macdonald would have wanted it: Love, peace, and the joy of giving and sharing with others. Her's was a gift to the world never before and since seen.

Here at this website no word is spoken in malice or harsh tones. We all love and adore the Golden Devine Diva and those of such like hearts may feel free to join, and revel in the merriment that she gives us. Share your feelings, your thoughts, your precious memories of her.


This Message is sent out to all the world! It is for all fans of the Great Devine Diva to rally around and find like-mannered camaraderie. We look forward to your emails that can be shared with so many other Sweetheart Fans who are longing to read your precious words of love. I will do my very best to bring what so many people have asked me to do, a website where we can enjoy Jeanette and her many screen, stage, and radio co-stars. Jeanette was and still is the burning torch in our hearts, and now I take that torch and bring it to you, her fans so you can make the light grow even brighter.

May "Luck be in your dreams!" as it has been for us.

A Big Jeanette Smile to all, Gia and Gio

Sweetheart Fan Club: Let this be our motto for our Fan Club]

Gio & Gia


Hi, Sweetheart Fan Club Members:

I believe this message so best describes so many feelings and experiences and shows us the way in how to avoid them in the future. 


This is what Jeanette always wanted, LOYAL FAN'S SUPPORT and this is a good motto for us to use. 

Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life .... yes, she found it, and now let us show her how much we love and adore her.

Luck in your dreams....Gia & Gio




 The Golden Diva's Centennial Year, like a perfect Diamond which has a 100 facets to it, our precious gem, Jeanette will be celebrating her 100th Birthday, June 18, 2003.  In her great wisdom, she gave all of her Loyal Fans a real treat, she celebrated her birthday as of June 18, 1907 -- which means -- unlike other stars in the sky who just have one year to celebrate their centennial year,  we have four wonderful years to party with the Golden Comet, the rarest of all Gems.

Over the coming years this Tribute Website, with the spirit and resolve of both old and new fans, can be become a great Fan Site.  And, yes, with True Loyal Fans of the Jeanette Caliber who have the love and fortitude can build this shining beacon of light.  With never a spoken unkind word, we pay honor to our great Star -- respect to a woman who showed the whole world what it was like to be a true Queen who always walked with great dignity.




Jeanette Star and Plaque

Pictures Gift From Bernadette

posted 10-2-2003





Special Tribute to Jeanette in her home city on her

100th Birthday



Posted on Sun, Jun. 15, 2003

Gift Picture - Debbie P.




A hundred toasts to

 Phila.'s Queen of the Silver Screen

Inquirer Movie Critic

You can read the whole article at this link:

Contact movie critic Carrie Rickey at 215-854-5402


 and let her know how wonderful her article is.


In a city that has spawned its share of movie stars, the typical multiplex rat might be excused for not knowing the name of Philadelphia's longest-reigning export to Tinseltown.


It isn't W.C. Fields or Grace Kelly or even Will Smith. The Fresh Prince has to be a top draw for 12 more years to equal this Hollywood queen's 20-year box-office dominion. And you have to wonder whether his official admiration society, like hers, will be going strong 66 years after its founding - and almost 40 years after its namesake's death.


But Philadelphians, don't reveal your ignorance to the 1,800 adoring members of the Jeanette MacDonald International Fan Club, who on Wednesday will hoist a few sherries to mark the 100th anniversary of the West Philly thrush's birth.


Other Wednesday festivities in honor of the Hollywood legend - who died of heart failure in 1965 at age 61, 16 years after her last movie - include a free 6 p.m. screening of The Merry Widow at the Prince Music Theater. And Cable's Turner Classic Movies will show six of MacDonald's movies.


MacDonald continues to excite such passion for two reasons. Because she brought high art and her high C to a mass art form. And because singers stir hearts in ways that straight actors cannot.


"I hear the trained soprano," wrote Walt Whitman. "[She] convulses me like the climax of my love grip."


Lloyd Nolan, costar of MacDonald's final film, The Sun Comes Up, put it even more pungently in MacDonald's eulogy: "When Jeanette sang, she sang to you."




Hi, Sweetheart Fans!


Diane, just loved the sampling of press releases. You have been elected official Hollywood Correspondent. We eagerly look forward to your next submission.

A big Jeanette Smile to you...Gio

Diane F. sends:

    Gift-Ian B.

Press releases:

2/13/39 EHE Harrison Carroll
Don't know whether they will be able to accept, but Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy have been invited to open next session of Congress by singing "The Star Spangled Banner."

12/4/40 EHE Harrison Carroll
Jeanette MacDonald's face was so red over an incident in Boston. Just as she was telling an interviewer about he unimportance of clothes in her life, porters came in wheeling 11 trunks and 7 pieces of hand luggage.

12/9/40 Louella O. Parsons
Jeanette MacDonald and Gene Raymond won't have any surprises for Christmas on account of they've agreed that Jeanette will give Gene a swimming pool and Gene is redecorating the playroom for her.

10/9/42 EHE Harrison Carroll
The Jeanette MacDonald concert tour netted the Army Emergency Relief Fund $65,000 (the star's entire salary), plus $15,600 that Jeanette raised through selling encores.

1/11/44 EHE Harrison Carroll
Jeanette Mac Donald badly shaken up when another car plowed into the back of hers when she stopped for a signal. Force of the collision knocked the star's hat and glasses off.

12/10/46 EHE Harrison Carroll
Wonderful surprise for Jeanette MacDonald! She looked up on The Birds and the Bees set and there was Gene Raymond, who got to fly out after all for the holidays. It will be the first Christmas the two have spent together since the war.


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