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Happy Birthday to the Golden Diva

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108th Birthday--Thursday, June 18, 2012!


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Posted on Sun, Jun. 15, 2003         

A hundred toasts to Phila.'s queen of the silver screen

Inquirer Movie Critic
You can read the whole article at this link:http://www.philly.com/mld/philly/entertainment/6089176.htm


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La Dame Jeanette



This is what the world was cheering about last year on Jeanette's 100th Birthday.  Viva La Jeanette!  We Love You, Jeanette!  You are our Queen--our Angel--our favorite!  And come this Friday, June 18, 2004, Jeanette MacDonald, the Golden Diva of the Silver Screen, the Musical Stage, Opera, Radio, Records, and Television will give us all another opportunity to celebrate her birthday. 

For more than 80 years, the world have been enthralled by this gorgeous copper-red haired, sea-green eyed star, sparkling her way across generations of theater goers, and each person who has seen and heard her has done the same thing as millions before them--fallen in love with her.  Words have failed to explain this Shining Stars brilliant, sustaining success for all these years.  Yes, it is true she has the world's loveliest voice, the great sense of stage presence and acting, a phenomenal sense of humor and timing.  It go without saying, she was a raving beauty all in a class of her own.  She was the spirit in all of her movies, for without her, the movies would never have been bright and shining, alive with vitality and lavishing from one scene of her to another without her great beauty.  Take Jeanette away from San Francisco and all you have are two guys in a heap of bricks.  But with Jeanette in it, you have the whole reason for going to the movie, to see the true star of MGM and Hollywood.  She is what made each scene in the movies worth the price of a ticket, and during the depression years, Gia and I have heard from many people who have told us--yes, money was real tight, but it was worth every penny going to see a Jeanette MacDonald movie.  It was never a MacDonald and Chevalier, or MacDonald and Gable or MacDonald and Jones, but a Jeanette MacDonald movie. 

And even when she discovered and teamed up with Nelson Eddy, it was still Jeanette the audience was going to see. How do we know this, because in 1937-38 Photoplay magazine announced to the world that once again, Jeanette MacDonald was chosen by the "PEOPLE" as their choice for Queen of Hollywood.  So, the record speaks for itself!  So do the fans speak for themselves!  Jeanette MacDonald was the rarest of all Gems and she sparkled into our lives forever and ever.  It is not surprising that Turner Classic Movies constantly play her movies.  Why not!  The fans, especially the new generation is discovering what we have known all of our lives, that there is only one Jeanette MacDonald, and we have her in so many ways today to enjoy: records, tapes, CDs, DVDs, VCRs, and ton of  pictures and articles. 

There are those who will try to cash in on her fame and success, but we here at JMFC only wish to bring you, free, the greatness of La Dame Jeanette.  To our darling Diva, Happy Birthday and another hundred more. 

We pay tribute to our Golden Star with humble, but grateful hearts....

                                            Your host of the JMFC...Gia & Gio

Viva La Dame, Viva La Jeanette

Jeanette Chit Chatroom and hear her fans speak!

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You have just entered room "Chit Chatroom."
talemaker2: Welcome to Jeanette MacDonald's 101st Birthday Gathering! She was the great star of Stage, Screen, Opera, Radio, Records, Television...and the Queen of Hollywood in 1937-38! We take an hour to pay tribute the JMDD fan Club and the JMFC.com Fan Club tonight, Friday, June 18, 2004 8:00P.M. Philadelphia Time (EST) where she was born.
JuzABuginGrama has entered the room.
talemaker2: Welcome to Jeanette MacDonald's 101st Birthday Gathering, Lillie!  How are you my dear?
JuzABuginGrama: Hello sweetheart!!!!!! How are you doing?!
JuzABuginGrama: I'm fine....
talemaker2: Gia and I have been excited all day...knowing this is Jeanette's Birthday
IanMaytime has entered the room.
talemaker2: Welcome to Jeanette MacDonald's 101st Birthday Gathering! Ian
JuzABuginGrama: Hi Ian!!
IanMaytime: hi gio on jeanette's 101 birthday! i'm glad i caught you--i think she still is with us
talemaker2: Yes, Jeanette will always be with her as long as we make sure the world never forgets her.  This is our devoted tasks in life. I was telling Lillie that we felt Jeanette's presence all day today.  We are happy to have you Ian with us on this special day

Chetoshari: has entered the room.
talemaker2: Welcome to Jeanette MacDonald's 101st Birthday Gathering, Shari!
Chetoshari: Hi Gia and Gio, great to be here. 
JuzABuginGrama: How has everyone been doing on this most beautiful day?
talemaker2: Gia and I have Cake and Peach Ice cream...right now
Chetoshari: UMMMM
JuzABuginGrama: OOOOOOO- is it Breyers?!

talemaker2: How did you guessssssssss--of course Breyers...
DIXC has entered the room.
talemaker2: Gia says hello to you all, and wishes you all the best
talemaker2: Welcome to Jeanette MacDonald's 101st Birthday Gathering, Rich!
DIXC: Thanks for getting me in the chat.:-)

Chetoshari: Hi Rich

DIXC: Hello:-)
IanMaytime: i watched naughty marietta tonight as that was the first time i saw jeanette
talemaker2: and how did you feel Ian?
IanMaytime: great!
talemaker2: we are delighted you could make Jeanette's Birthday party we are enjoying...
JuzABuginGrama: Ian- I guess I won't be coming to London this year. But I'm planning on next year.
IanMaytime: perhaps we could meet up

talemaker2: anytime..Ian..we would all love it...

IanMaytime: wish we were all on the same time scale

talemaker2: we wish we were all in the same room

JuzABuginGrama: YEAH!!! Wouldn't that be terrific.
talemaker2: Yes, it would be...
IanMaytime: gio its 1am saturday here in the UK and i must get my beauty sleep before i get up for work-- i send my kind regards to you all from ian and the uk and im of to bed now

talemaker2: Sweet dreams Jeanette would say Ian...
Chetoshari: Good night Ian
JuzABuginGrama: Yes- now get some sleep and be careful out there!!
Chetoshari: Thanks for your service to UK in keeping it safe Ian

IanMaytime: yes i will try and keep the streets of london safe
IanMaytime: goodnight all
JuzABuginGrama: Goodnight Ian
DIXC: goodnite
talemaker2: Warmest wishes Ian...Gio & gia
IanMaytime has left the room.
JuzABuginGrama: Now about that ice cream---- do you like it?
talemaker2: Gia loves it, Lillie
JuzABuginGrama: Yes....that's good- job security for me
talemaker2: and I love the Breyers Fudge Ripple
JuzABuginGrama: Normally I don't eat ice cream but I must agree with you
talemaker2: but we always agree Lillie
JuzABuginGrama: Anyways- I've been jazzed all day because it's a special day today
talemaker2: you know everyone here....
talemaker2: Shari from Houston...
talemaker2: Rich from Illinois
talemaker2: Rich is only 20 miles from Gia and I...
Chetoshari: Yes I remember, Lillie How are you???
JuzABuginGrama: I'm fine and how's everything Sheri?

Chetoshari: Just great. thanks!!!

Maceddy8 has entered the room.
talemaker2: Welcome to Jeanette MacDonald's 101st Birthday Gathering, Bernadette!
JuzABuginGrama: I've emailed Sheri and spoken to Rich in a chat room
talemaker2: well, it is 8:00PM Philadelphia Time...and the Jeanette Chit Chatroom is open
Maceddy8: hello all and a happy birthday remembrance to jeanette
talemaker2: yes, Jeanette was and stand is a shining star in our lives
Maceddy8: how are you feeling gio?
talemaker2: I am feeling wonderful today Bernadette
talemaker2: Gia is here and sends hugs and kisses to all!
JuzABuginGrama: Good evening Ms. Gia and how are you?
Chetoshari: Hi Gia.!!!! Nice to have you here!!!!!
talemaker2: Thank you all my dear ones, thank you. Being here with you on Jeanette's Birthday is truly one of the highlights of this year or any year.
Maceddy8: to remember jeanette today-i played my favorite-liebestraum-jeanette solo-will you remember- and nelson singing too-since i had to work-
talemaker2: Gia has a fan's question they would like to ask us...Question:> What was the first Jeanette Movie you all saw?

DIXC: Naughty Marietta in mid 30's
Chetoshari: "Naughty Marrietta" for me....I was 11 yr.s old
Maceddy8: hello gia- for me it was MAYTIME-as a 13 yrs old-1964
JuzABuginGrama: For me, it was the colorized version of Maytime, about 13 I think I remember telling you about it Gio. It really made an everlasting imprint on me
talemaker2: It seems like Jeanette movies made an everlasting impression on everyone who saw her.

talemaker2: for me, Gia, I was 8..and it was Naughty Marietta and Gia says, Rosemarie was hers and she was 10!
Chetoshari: I could hardly take a breath, I was so excited!!! It came on the late show.
Maceddy8: wasn't the late show wonderful? i saw most of my classic films on that show or the million dollar movie-out of nyc when mom would let me also-that made it even more special
talemaker2: fabulous, great entertainment!
Chetoshari: Yes...when my Mom would let me stay up that late. It was a wonderful time....and don't forget the early show in the afternoons.
Maceddy8: oh yes-the early show
JuzABuginGrama: Are they ever going to put any of these on DVD?My vhs tapes are getting worn out.... but that's okay.
talemaker2: One day they will, Lillie. One day...  And you Rich?

DIXC: I saw all my J & N movies in the regular theaters, when I was in grade school. Her attire and singing voice.I was young THEN.
talemaker2: Oh, are you the lucky one Rich
JuzABuginGrama: Yes indeed you are, Rich.
Maceddy8: geeze dixc- you were lucky-to see it on the big screen
DIXC: Yep!

JuzABuginGrama: Richard- honey we're all still young with our angels in our hearts

talemaker2: What was it about Jeanette that made her so special? Do you all think..
Maceddy8: for me gio and gia-it was her suave di vive? her sparkle-the lilt in her voice and most of all her emotions and her heart
talemaker2: to me it was--yes her voice, more than anything...it was staring into her eyes
Chetoshari: I think she is still one of the most graceful actresses...EVER...and as I have said before, I love her speaking voice as well. Her singing voice speaks straight to one's heart!!!
talemaker2: yes, she was the most graceful and most alluring too...
talemaker2: and this was how she was so alluring...she looked at you and then sang to your heart<---Gia
Maceddy8: amen

JuzABuginGrama: Gene was a very lucky man.
Maceddy8: ah yes!
talemaker2: When I think of Gene and Jeanette, they were so happy. They loved each other and made a life together, where so many others have be unfortunate to do. 
Maceddy8: but you know she worked so hard and was frail right from the beginning i believe-

talemaker2: and you are right Bernadette, she worked very hard.

DIXC: Her respect that showed on how much she respected Nelson's singing and character was impressive--He returned the same feeling which brought on the MAGIC
talemaker2: Well, we know that Jeanette had great taste, because it was she who spotted Nelson's talent (a completely unknown) and chose him to be in her next movie, Naughty Marietta, when her first choice. Allan Jones had contract problems in New York. So she knew great talent, and--she knew it would make movie magic.
Maceddy8: but the blend of jeanette and nelson's voices was and is still -magic-a perfect match
talemaker2: This is why they will always be the silver screen's sweethearts--pure magic on screen or radio.
Chetoshari: It was a very special blend of voices and harmony...that has never been reproduced.
Maceddy8: it just uplifts my soul-when i am down-but i cannot listen to them before work-it always makes me late- and i am always on time normally

JuzABuginGrama: Speaking of Nelsons' voice--did you like the cds I sent you?
talemaker2: Oh, dear lillie..we have been listening to your beautiful surprise.  Yes, we love the Cds and the 78 record, and the lovely pictures and gifts. How sweet of you to treat us so wonderful as you do--you all do.
talemaker2: Gia agree with you Bernadette.  She dislikes getting out of the car when they are singing of the CD
talemaker2: :-(  (she is smiling) lol.
JuzABuginGrama: So am I
Maceddy8: i know gia-it is impossible-i say to myself-self- on after this last one-then oh no- i love this one-just one more and on and on
JuzABuginGrama: I recorded the movies I have on casette tapes so I can listen to J&N all the time

talemaker2: Gia> you are all so wonderful...
Maceddy8: may i say to you all it is a pleasure to share jeanette's birthday with you all and a bravo to gia and gio for all that they do
talemaker2: Gia> Gio has been telling me about you wonderful people and now I get to meet you all together..this is thrilling in itself...
Chetoshari: Here, Here, I second that!!!! Here is to Gio and Gia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
talemaker2: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts
JuzABuginGrama: Yes- I will certainly motion a here here!!!
talemaker2: But if it was not for Lillie, we would not be here now. She was the one who put the bug in my head...2 years ago in April
Chetoshari: Thanks to Lillie, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
talemaker2: and that dream Lillie of having Jeanette fans together chatting as one with love has come true
JuzABuginGrama: :-P Oh you give me too much credit....
Maceddy8: ah- one little word lillie -how it has grown and bloomed-bravo to you too
talemaker2: Gia now has the keys...
talemaker2: It's true Lillie...Gio told me about this wonderful conversation he had with the person from Nevada and how you inspired him, how you both loved Jeanette and Nelson...and he would seek others who had love for them in their hearts, too
Maceddy8: see how the world works-we meet one by one and then the sweetheart-
talemaker2: and Gio and I have found you true loyal Sweetheart fans
Maceddy8: clan grew and look now- 3 yrs ago-how many groups maybe 2-now look
talemaker2: there will be more Bernadette I am sure we all have this same love -- it is amazing how our lives have been affected.

JuzABuginGrama: Gosh,,, I'm getting emotional... I've loved N & J since I was little
Maceddy8: thanks you both-you are both lovely-and work so hard for jeannette
talemaker2: I just gave gio a kiss for that Bernadette--he is eating his cake and ice cream--and it is all over his mouth.....:-)
JuzABuginGrama: If it weren't for you two Gio and Gia, I'd be lost.  I love you both bunches and bunches!
talemaker2: Thank you Lillie...you know how we feel about you--you all are so dear and precious to us.

talemaker2: Bernadette, how was it when you saw Jeanette's childhood home, dear?

Maceddy8: so true- when i went to her old home in philly i stood on the porch and looked up to the windows to imagine which room was hers-nelson's grandmother's home was only 5.2 miles from jeanette's...
talemaker2: How lovely to know this. 

talemaker2: Lillie, good friend, tell us about LA.
JuzABuginGrama: Whenever I get some time off, I want to go to LA and see if I can find Jeanette's and Genes' house
Maceddy8: let us hope we can always keep them alive for each generation

talemaker2: This is what Gio and I wish to be doing in two years when we move to S. Cal.

talemaker2: talking about dear ones, Bernadette this is a memeber who we love who wanted to be here so badly but can't.  You give the honors, dear.
Maceddy8: yes, a word of remembrance for our ollie-wished she was here but she is with jeanette now
talemaker2: She is at peace our beloved Ollie in heaven with Jeanette.
talemaker2:   She and Gio had become such great friends! 

talemaker2: If I may ad a personal moment.  I would wake up and rush to the computer
Maceddy8: i know gia-she was so cute and belonging made her so happy-god rest her
talemaker2: just to see what new lyrics Ollie had sent us...
Chetoshari: In honor of Ollie....could we name our favorite duet...she loved them all.
JuzABuginGrama: I wish I could've met Ollie, she seemed like an angel
talemaker2: Gio should know that...she told him
DIXC: Ah Sweet Mystery... is my fvorite duet

DIXC: Then it is tramp tramp tramp

talemaker2: how handsome Nelson looked

talemaker2: Gio said, the Ave Mara was one of Ollie's favorites
Chetoshari: Mine...though it is hard to name one...has to be "AH Sweet Mystery of LIfe".
Maceddy8: lillie- i was at twin gables during the nelson dedication-it is surrounded buta large fence and had to stand on top of a car just to see the gables
Maceddy8: my fave duet- toss up between czaritza and of course-will you remember
JuzABuginGrama: I have to say that my favorite is also will you remember

Chetoshari: Which Ave Maria...Shuberts??
talemaker2: Gio says Gounold's Ave Maria, From the Girl of the Golden West -- it is so angelic
Chetoshari: Yes, that one is mostly sung by the female voice.
Maceddy8: my moms favorite-ave maria
JuzABuginGrama: Yes it is
talemaker2: Gio says that Jeanette had the only human voice to sing it--however--I might be a bit bias but I have heard Gio sing this too. He sang it with an Italian choir of children in Naples in 1978, we have the tape put away--and I still cry hearing him sing it
Maceddy8: the ave that bocelli sings is my fave-but no one sings the holy city or nearer thy god to thee-like jeanette-just -i cannot get enough
DIXC: So beautifully sung.
talemaker2: but he is poking me...and telling me that this is Jeanette's day of celebration!
Maceddy8: and nelson-i have danny boy by possibly every singer-and bagpipes-but nelson version is the best
talemaker2: Nelson had a Golden voice, it is amazing how we love these people and they still give us such great thrills
talemaker2: Lillie, the Nelson CDs, Gio plays them in the Car...We keep on driving until we run out of gas
Maceddy8: yes-stop poking-one says jeanette-they say nelson-like peanut butter and jelly-pardon my comparison
talemaker2: Gio had that for lunch Bernadette

Maceddy8: today was jeanette in the car-(as i mentioned) from the hollywood bowl-over and over
Maceddy8: hahah-better than getting to work late though
JuzABuginGrama: I'm so glad that you kids like them.....
Maceddy8: oh-pbj for lunch-i had lean cusine-ugh and a cup cake in honor of jeanette of course
talemaker2: :-) a sweet way to pay tribute Bernadette.  One day, we when we can all come together on her birthday, I will bake a cake for us and serve peach ice cream and lemonade.

talemaker2: Another question sent into the JMFC website: Question:> What was Jeanette's Favorite Movie?
DIXC: Maytime
Maceddy8: well dear friend-time for me to part- my hand is acting up a bit and work tomorrow-and no gio no mic yet
Maceddy8: MAYTIME
talemaker2: this was sent in from one of the fans comments from the JMFC website
talemaker2: The movie Jeanette loved making the most was firelfy
JuzABuginGrama: Golly, I can't say....
Chetoshari: Did they say why it was her favorite???
Maceddy8: perhaps but artistically speaking she was pleased with her performance- stretching from an older lady to that beautiful creature-her acting was great there
talemaker2: Jeanette said it was hers
Chetoshari: Did SHE say why it was her favoirte??
talemaker2: she loved the music...the dancing..
talemaker2: and the whole plot
Chetoshari: Oh yes....and she loved to dance...and she was good at it, TOO!!!!!
Maceddy8: again dear friends i wish you all goodnight-it has been great fun-to remember tonight-thanks to you all for inviting me-bernadette
talemaker2: Another question sent into the JMFC website: Question:> Who was her favorite leading man?
JuzABuginGrama: Good night Bernadette!!
Maceddy8: good-night-goodnight-from the song of that same title
DIXC: Bye:-)
Chetoshari: Good night Bern...take care!!!!
talemaker2: our love to you Bernadette, good night, dear!
Maceddy8 has left the room.
JuzABuginGrama: Ahhh, who was her favorite leading man?
talemaker2: yes....
talemaker2: leading man
DIXC: Not Maurice.C
talemaker2: think for a moment
talemaker2: no...
JuzABuginGrama: Nelson
DIXC: Nelson
Chetoshari: Nelson EDDy!!!!!
talemaker2: no..
Chetoshari: Alan Jones???
talemaker2: can you name some of her leading men
JuzABuginGrama: Sorry- I'm not that crazy about people just popping in
Chetoshari: People can just POP in???
talemaker2: i don't know how they got in
talemaker2: but Jeanette's favorite Leading man...
Chetoshari: Oh Well...was it Alan Jones???
talemaker2: no...
Chetoshari: Give us a hint!!!
talemaker2: you have to put your thinking caps on
JuzABuginGrama: It couldn't be Clark Cable.....???
talemaker2: no...
Chetoshari: Please!!!!!:-)
DIXC: Lassie??
talemaker2: Gene Raymond
Chetoshari: OH OF COURSE..."Smilin' Through"
talemaker2: yes..
JuzABuginGrama: OOOOOO- silly me!!! Of course...
talemaker2: Another question sent into the JMFC website: This is a 2 part question: A) Where did Jeanette do her screen test? B) Who did she do her screen test with?
JuzABuginGrama: I'd say she did her screen test in Philly
talemaker2: no..
JuzABuginGrama: boy- am I really out of it...
talemaker2: no
talemaker2: yes, wonderful Rich!
talemaker2: And who was the man who did the screen test with her?
talemaker2: this is a toughy
DIXC: Paramount
talemaker2: the man was.....a great and famous actor
talemaker2: very famous
talemaker2: initials are
DIXC: R Colman
talemaker2: C.G.
JuzABuginGrama: clark Gable
talemaker2: no....
talemaker2: english actor
JuzABuginGrama: Geeezzzz I give up
talemaker2: cary
JuzABuginGrama: cary grant
talemaker2: yes...
JuzABuginGrama: AAHHHHH
JuzABuginGrama: Speaking of Cary Grant
DIXC: Thanks for the nice chat. I have to go now. Take care. Bye.:-):-)
DIXC has left the room.
Chetoshari: Bye Rich...be good...see you next time!!!
talemaker2: Yes...Rich...It is time for us to call it a time..Jeanette Birthday Hour has come and passed and we all had a wonderful time.
JuzABuginGrama: yes we did
talemaker2: Gia and I love it and all of you..and we will be calling to say hi over the phone
Chetoshari: Well.... Happy Happy Birthday to Jeanette from all of us who love and admire her so much!!!!!
talemaker2: Till our next get together...our love to you all and to our diva Jeanette...
JuzABuginGrama: You all take care, be good! Happy Bday Jeanette!!
talemaker2: a 5 Star Jeanette smile to you ...
JuzABuginGrama has left the room.
Chetoshari: Good night everyone....have a good week.....and thanks for the time together!!!

talemaker2: Good night and sweet dreams...our love...Gia & Gio..

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