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Do it now! Join the Jeanette MacDonald International Fan Club so you may  feel the true spirit of the Golden Diva with the two people who really knew her best. We have  received so many requests on how one can be part of Jeanette's Authorized Fan Club, the "JMIFC" now in its 67th year.

Jeanette MacDonald International Fan Club Membership Invite


An Invitation to Join

The Jeanette MacDonald

International Fan Club  


Jeanette MacDonald, America's lovely lady of song, had delighted millions the world over, and she remains as well-beloved today as she was during the Golden Age of Hollywood.  Now, as then, she has the ability to touch the hearts of those who hear her sing.


Begun in 1937 (and sanctioned by Jeanette MacDonald herself), the Jeanette MacDonald International Fan Club is one of the oldest  and most active fan clubs in the world.  Our most famous member, Jeanette MacDonald, served as Honorary President until her death in 1965.  That honor was then assumed by her husband, Gene Raymond.


As befits the lovely woman we honor, our Club is based upon, respect, truth and decency--we offer the facts, not a fictionalized account of her life and career. Our members, who number in the many hundreds worldwide, are all ages and from all walks of life.  Some have been members since 1937, while others have only recently discovered the special magic of Jeanette MacDonald.  As members meet and correspond, we find we share many other common interests--and the friendships formed are rewarding and long-lasting.


Members of today's JMIFC strive to keep Miss Macdonald's star shining brightly through the study and enjoyment of her life and career. The JMIFC offers photos, tapes, records, books and other information.  Our award-winning Club publication, The Golden Comet, is a 50-page issue and is supplemented by an abbreviated version, La Petite Comet.  These publications, which include approximately 20-24  pages of beautiful and rare photographs, are primarily dedicated to the study of Miss MacDonald's fabulous career. 


Jeanette MacDonald  loved her fans and treasured their loyalty, and many fans became personal friends over the years.  Club members were always welcomed backstage and greeted warmly my Miss MacDonald after her concert and stage appearances.  The indelible impression she has left upon all of us remains as bright as her sparkling eyes and as warm as her beautiful smile.  The Jeanette MacDonald International Fan Club is proud to honor this exceptional performer and fine human being.  Won't you join the "Clan"--as Jeanette liked to call us?


The Jeanette MacDonald International Fan Club 


$18.00 first year; $14.00 for yearly renewals: Family memberships add $1.00 -- for which you receive our Club magazine--50 pages of information, news, snapshots, (some in color), 20-24 pages of pictures, 8 x 10 photos, participation in Club functions.


Name: [  ] Mr. [  ] Mrs. [  ] Miss [  ] Ms.


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Street  ________________________________ City ______________________________


State   ______________________ Zip Code___________ Phone No. (      )_____________


Make checks payable to: The Jeanette MacDonald International Fan Club,

Members who are not residents of the United States-please send a Bank Draft.

Send to: 1617 S.W. Indian Trail, Topeka, Kansas 66604-1951




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