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The Romance Lives On

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September 11, 2001


Hi, Sweetheart Fans,

Here is a worthy cause Jeanette would have loved.  She served our country during WW2, working to bring peace and happiness to the world.  As her husband, Gene, served as a bomber pilot in Europe fighting so this generations and future generations would never know the ugliness of hate, let us all join in on AOL's September 11 Memorial, who is inviting members across the country to stand together in remembering and honoring those who died, those who survived and those who are healing.  You can participate by lighting a candle in tribute.


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Gene said on Jeanette MacDonald and their marriage (1972): "We had 28 glorious years. Jeanette and I respected and loved each other, very deeply. We put one another before anyone or anything. I am blessed to have known her, loved her and been loved by her - absolutely, an incredible lady!"

 "Gene, is the most wonderful man I've ever known. He's warm, sensitive, loving, funny and very handsome. Being Mrs. Gene Raymond, I admit I'm biased!" - Jeanette MacDonald (1947)



A big Jeanette Hug to you... Gia
& Gio


USC Article Summer 2002 sent in by Fran H. ----




Gene Raymond establishes a $1 millions grant to

 USC Thornton School of Music in the name

of his beloved wife, Jeanette MacDonald.


The grant is in tribute to his wife, the great Silver Screen Star of the Golden Era of Movies, 1930s and 1940s.  Jeanette MacDonald who also was a super star on radio, concert and opera stage, and records. Coming from the Broadway Stage in 1929 as a star, she became a successful movie star.  After 4 movies at Paramount with Maurice Chevalier, she went to MGM and her first movie there she was paired her with Nelson Eddy, and together, they made magical movie history. 


Jeanette and Gene met in 1936 and married in 1937.  They acted in one movie together, Smilin' Through in 1941 and the next year Gene was off to the war as a flyer.  During the war years Jeanette took up the home cause and performed.  She raised more money doing concerts than any other singer.  Jeanette made two more movie and then concentrated on her concert career. Gene was a dedicate and loving husband who adored his wife and with this grant, even after her death in 1965, his love continues on for her and her wish to help others. Final arrangements were made before his death in1998.  .

* * * * * * * * * * *

USC Campaign Watch

Among the many recent gift to the university is:

The Gene Raymond Trust which has pledged $500,000 to the USC Thornton School of Music to create the Jeanette MacDonald Recital Hall in the Raubenheimer Music Faculty Building.

Posted by Gio&Gia





posted by Gio

Nov 26, 2002


Reprinted with permission of the Jeanette MacDonald International Fan Club—The GOLDEN COMET Vol. 35,#2) We sincerely thank Clara Rhoades and Tessa Williams who have graciously allowed us to include the article in our website.


You'll probably remember the romantic story of how Gene Raymond planned all the furnishings for the "home of the Raymonds" as a surprise for Jeanette, the bride.
He wanted to surround her with beauty an and that's how three little canary birds came to live with them.

These three little songsters——Willy, Nilly and Tilly——are the special pets of songstress Jeanette. She makes quite sure they have their daily bath, (that is, she sees that Willy and Tilly do. Nilly bathes when and if he feels like it), the correct bird seed, water and a fresh clean cage with which to begin the day. Then, too, canaries must be watched to check when the necessary trimming of the little claws is due and the occasional treatment to keep them free of parasites.

Jeanette herself gives them their daily ration of lettuce, taking care that it is just a little piece, not bigger than a dollar, and that it is perfectly dry. As for their Sun baths (you know, of course, that canaries need sun as much as we do), Willy, Nilly, Tilly and Jeanette all move out to the patio.

Do the birds have a room of their own? They certainly do. Gene gave them a setting entirely in keeping with their importance in the scheme of life of the MacDonald ménage. It seems that Willy is a real canary yellow, Nilly a darker, tawnier color, and Tilly a pale creamy tone. Their light glowing colors seemed perfect for a breakfast room (serve also as a pet room) is a really practical idea for all of us who are canary-minded. Hang the cage, or cages, where the birds get light and air, but not in a draft. Use the canary colors, from the palest to the deep, for the walls, woodwork and accessories. In Jeanette's breakfast room, there is brilliant blue for accent in the upholster and in the coverings used on the cages. Lacuer red and certain shades of green are equally effective for color contrast. You know canaries should never be subjected to wide change in temperature. ***

A big Jeanette Smile to you all & Luck in your Dreams!>Gio and Gia



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