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Happy Birthday Golden Diva 2005

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102nd Birthday

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by Ian Bailey - UK

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Happy Birthday Jeanette #102- The Queen of Hollywood

JMDD Webgroup 2nd Annual Jeanette MacDonald Chatroom Celebration

Saturday, June 18, 2005 at 5:P.M. (EST)

Hosts Gio and Gia


JMDD Club Chatroom Log:


JMDD Club’s Celebration gathering of Jeanette’s 102nd Birthday, Saturday, June 18, 2005 = 5:00P.M. (EST)…Post log to JMFC Website.

You have just entered room "jeanette102ndbirthday."
talemaker2: The Jeanette MacDonald Divine Diva Webgroup is gathering today, June 18, 2005 5:00PM (EST) to celebrate our Golden Star's 102nd Birthday. We welcome all of the JMDD club members to the Chit Chatroom to share their hearts' Joy!
Chetoshari has entered the room.
Chetoshari: Hi, all!
talemaker2: Welcome Shari
DIXC has entered the room.
talemaker2: Welcome Rich, you’re right on time!
DIXC: I Made to the birthday party!!
talemaker2: This is it, Rich!
DIXC: Great.:-)
IanMaytime has entered the room.
talemaker2: It is so nice to see you and here is Ian
talemaker2: Welcome Ian
Chetoshari: Great to be here
IanMaytime: hi everyone
jeanettefan7 has entered the room.
talemaker2: Hi, Debbie...
jeanettefan7: made it--whew
Chetoshari: Hello Ian...great you could make it
jeanettefan7: hi gio, shari, rich, and ian!
talemaker2: What a wonderful thing to see all of your loving hearts
jeanettefan7: thanks gio
jeanettefan7: a special hi to gia!
talemaker2: Gia: thank you Debbie, and all of our great friends... Gio and I are here and wish you all the best. We will be serving Cake and Ice Cream, with Jeanette’s favorite drink, Lemonade and Jeanette’s Cookies…
talemaker2: I like to open this chat by extending to you Clara and Tessa best wishes on Jeanette’s Birthday and they send their love and best wishes to all of you...
jeanettefan7: tell them we send love too and we hope they are well.
IanMaytime: and ours from the uk to them and you all
jeanettefan7: O:-)
talemaker2: They were very happy to hear we were getting together on Jeanette's birthday
talemaker2: Gia: Gio you should also mention our dear Bernadette is attending her daughter's Teri's baby shower, and sent her love and best wishes to everyone, and big Happy Birthday Wish to our birthday girl—Jeanette.
jeanettefan7: lets all say hi to bern! and hope she is having fun at the shower
IanMaytime: and wow what a day here in the uk for jeanettes birthday--blue skies and temps in the high 80s--jeanette must be looking down on us all then
jeanettefan7: same here ian, it is a nice day in delaware
talemaker2: Gia: Ian...that is what it is like here in Chicago: 75, blue sky and a cardinal is singing to us
Chetoshari: In Texas we are in the upper 90's and it is HOT and sultry
talemaker2: Oh, Shari, we wish could send you some of our cool air to make you feel better…
talemaker2: Talking about our hometowns--when you think about it... Jeanette had something to do with all of the places we live—so why not have go around and see how her life touched yours.
jeanettefan7: I lived not far from jeanette's hometown, west Philadelphia…
talemaker2: It is Jeanette's birthpace
IanMaytime: i love Philadelphia--i walked around all those streets and saw jeanette’s home and high school…
jeanettefan7: AHHHHH--thanks ian, and mine too
jeanettefan7: i lived in southwest philly--a few blocks from jeanette.. we moved around a lot in philly -- lol
IanMaytime: I just found a newspaper cutting of jeanette here in 1947 doing a uk concert tour and she was mobbed by the fans
jeanettefan7: i love you’re new photos ian, they are stunning
IanMaytime: glad you like the pictures
IanMaytime: thank you and I’m glad to share them
jeanettefan7: i am looking at them right now--the photos are lovely ian
talemaker2: Why don't each of us tell something about how Jeanette visited your town
talemaker2: Debbie...you were saying--she came to philly many times i believe--live in West Philadelphia until she moved to New York around the age of 16/17 years old…
jeanettefan7: yep and she ended her opera career in philly…:-). She sang at the robin hood dell and nelson sang there too.
talemaker2: So, Jeanette had her roots in your hometown
talemaker2: Rich and I know that Jeanette lived here for a while. She came to Chicago to perform in a play she did…
jeanettefan7: yes
jeanettefan7: oh what was the play?
talemaker2: wasn't it Yes, Yes Yvette?
DIXC: Gio, and she also sang Opera here in Chicago in 1942, Romeo and Juliet. talemaker2: Rich, and she received raved revues
DIXC: Yes! So we see her Chicago Connection
talemaker2: and Shari...how about Houston
Chetoshari: I believe that her last days were spent in Houston...right??
talemaker2: yes...they were
jeanettefan7: that is right, Shari
Chetoshari: Does anyone remember which hospital??
talemaker2: Houston Medical Center?
Chetoshari: Gio, it was Methodist Hospital which is only an hour from me.
talemaker2: There was a famous heart surgeon there
Chetoshari: Yes
DIXC: Dr. DeBakey!
Chetoshari: Yes Rich...DeBakey is correct
talemaker2: an extra ten bonus points for Rich! 
talemaker2: And Ian, Jeanette UK connection?
IanMaytime: jeanette had sell out concert tours in the uk and at the royal albert hall in london.......
talemaker2: Just showing how the fans loved her,
IanMaytime: would you believe one critic did not like the fact she had so many clothes as the war had just finished here ....
talemaker2: Unbelievalbe!...
IanMaytime: but after the concert he said it was all worth
talemaker2: Well, there is one critic, Ian, who had good sense and great taste
talemaker2: We have pictures from you of Jeanette and her fans in the UK. Thank you for those great pictures!
IanMaytime: yes they were taken in blackpool on the coast up north a small version of atlantic city...
IanMaytime: yes and one night she had to sing with a small coat on and said the la weather had spoiled her
talemaker2: She also visited Scotland, where she was asked if she had any relatives there…
IanMaytime: yes looking for relatives but as you can imagine thousands of macdonalds there
talemaker2: But Jeanette replied, Ian, “I have no living relatives alive, except for my mother, two sisters and my niece!”
DIXC: My ancestors were from Compton Castle about 45 miles N W from London
Chetoshari: I only saw Jeanette's movies on television....unfortunately never had the great pleasure of hearing her perform in person....what a great treasure that would have been.
jeanettefan7: me too shari
talemaker2: oh, to hear Jeanette sing
Chetoshari: What would you like to hear her sing...right now???
talemaker2: oh, my....????????????
IanMaytime: wanting you
talemaker2: Will you Remember....
talemaker2: Ave Maria
DIXC: Ave Maria from Girl
talemaker2: great minds think alike
talemaker2: I love them all
Chetoshari: One Kiss
Chetoshari: you are so right!!!
IanMaytime: oh sitting on the train singing beyond the blue horizon with that naughty look in her eyes
talemaker2: There are so many Shari-- I think if I could...the Battle Hymn of the Republic that she sang for the 20,000 soldiers about to go abroad to Asia during World War II. Can you imagine 20,000 young soldiers standing and joining in with her…Reagan wrote when she passed away in 1965, that this was one of the great moments in his life that he remembered of Jeanette. She raised close to a hundred thousand dollars that day, and all she was suppose do have done was sing the Stars Spangle Banner. But it turned out to be a fund raising concert, and she filled the hearts of every soldier there with her love.
Chetoshari: did't she sing that in San Francisco at the end??
jeanettefan7: yes she did sing the battle hymn at the end of san francisco
jeanettefan7: beyong the blue horizon
jeanettefan7: and i like her singing land of hope and glory
Chetoshari: she sang it with such conviction
jeanettefan7: edward elgar
IanMaytime: just a silly thought , just imagine if jeanette logged in now , we would never finish this chat ha ha
talemaker2: she logged in now, I be on the first plane to wherever she was
IanMaytime: me too
jeanettefan7: indeed
talemaker2: I can't even begin to tell you how we feel about her
Chetoshari: Well....I am hoping to see her one day...and maybe even sing with her....
IanMaytime: i love her radio recording of my little heavenly nest of blue i think its called
talemaker2: I would love to sing with Jeanette, too.
talemaker2: Jeanette really should have been singing with a tenor named Gio
jeanettefan7: lol
talemaker2: and we could have been singing at the Royal Opera House, Butterfly
jeanettefan7: i love covent garden
IanMaytime: gio ,i as a very bad croaky singer would love to sing with jeanette ha ha
Chetoshari: Remember how beautiful she sounded singing with Jane Powell in 3 Daring Daughters
jeanettefan7: oh yes they sang edvard grieg song
talemaker2: Gia: gorgeous Shari--her voice was heavenly...
IanMaytime: oh they could have passed as mother and daughter
jeanettefan7: that is true
Chetoshari: AHHHH, Ian, you do not sing beautiful baritone????
IanMaytime:I only sing like that in the bath
Chetoshari: Well, Ian....there is good sound in the shower
IanMaytime: i would love to be able to sing well..
talemaker2: Don’t worry, Ian, Jeanette would make anyone look and sound fabulous
jeanettefan7: i am a mezzo soprano, oh well.......
Chetoshari: Really, Deb, I did not know that. Did you study???
jeanettefan7: yep, i was a classical piano major in college, until the grants ran out
jeanettefan7: i did sing in my college choir
Chetoshari: Oh....wow....to play piano....what an accomplishment
jeanettefan7: i still play at home--but not for a living.
Chetoshari: do you play all the Jeanette’s music????
jeanettefan7: yep
jeanettefan7: i have a wonderful victor herbert and a sigmung romberg songbooks--and the serenade from the student prince, oh how lovely it is to play.
Chetoshari: Oh that is great....many wonderful songs
jeanettefan7: indeed
Chetoshari: Serenade is a beautiful song, with great harmony
jeanettefan7: by Romberg--it sure is. and jeanette and gene did student prince on the radio. Sadly, I dont have it.
talemaker2: You are our radio aficionado, Debbie, how many Jeanette and Gene shows did they do?
jeanettefan7: i read they did 10 radio shows together
Chetoshari: Yes so is the Shubert Serenade..
jeanettefan7: oh i love that too
jeanettefan7: O:-)
talemaker2: Question: If you had to say what was the one thing you loved most about Jeanette, what would you all choose...?
jeanettefan7: that is a good one
jeanettefan7: wow
Chetoshari: I love her FACE as she SINGS...no one can compare!!!!!
Chetoshari: They are very expressive and mirror to her heart
jeanettefan7: very interesting--that is true
talemaker2: yes...
talemaker2: it was the keys to her soul
Chetoshari: of course
talemaker2: I have wrestled with question for a long time...and I think I love her eyes the most
jeanettefan7: yes i think i lik her eyes too--and she had that smile
talemaker2: I would also have to say...she was the screen's great flirt
talemaker2: she could woo any guy
talemaker2: Poor Warren Williams in The Firefly. He didn't even know what hit him when she flashed her eyes at him..
jeanettefan7: I like that scene. I also liked her friendliness, and she was soooo outgoing
IanMaytime: just to interject—talking about music in jeanette’s life--i have a score that i bought from the usa .....i won’t mention how much—I still haven’t told the wife yet; but its in a bound volume with drawings as well and letters from the composer and jeanette, as it was left at her home to
IanMaytime: see what she thought of it and its called violetta
jeanettefan7: who was the composer?
IanMaytime: i think the composer wrote it for her and it was the wife of an rko person
jeanettefan7: wow--that is cool
IanMaytime: ill jet get the letter with the name on it and i know they lived near jeanette and gene---yes--it was composed by a mrs lindstrom. the letters are dated 1947. I must get some one to play it one day
jeanettefan7: hmmmm--i will look her up--thanks ian…
talemaker2: Question:….If you owned a movie theater...what two movies would you show of hers???? I know all of you know she made 29 movies…
Chetoshari: Girl of the Golden West and Maytime
jeanettefan7: the merry widow: and 3 daring daughters
talemaker2: okay
IanMaytime: jack buchanon in monte carlo loved working with jeanette and told her she would be a big hit in the uk
jeanettefan7: i LOVE that one too
talemaker2: that is one Ian what would be the second?
IanMaytime: i would show them all running 24/7
talemaker2: Oh, noooooo nooooo! We are not going to let you off that easy…just 2...
talemaker2: :-)
IanMaytime: of course maytime,the lost version--in colour
talemaker2: The Thalberg version, the first Maytime, that was done in black and white, Ian, but did have a color scene in it.
jeanettefan7: Gio and Gia--i bet you can guess why i like 3 daring daughters lol
talemaker2: Well, let us see, Debbie, does it have something to do with pianos, and who played them.
jeanettefan7: since i play piano, yesss.. hehe
talemaker2: I wonder why else Deb....
jeanettefan7: ;-)
Chetoshari: Gia, I’ll bet Jose Iturbi ..maybe had something to do with Debbie’s choice? Hmmmmm…….
talemaker2: Gia: I think you are on to Debbie’s little secret…she loves anything with a piano.
jeanettefan7: yep
jeanettefan7: :-D
Chetoshari: He was quite a pleasant man to watch in movies and playing the piano
talemaker2: ah...those are great.....
jeanettefan7: he sure was shari--he played with his sister
Chetoshari: that's right he did in that movie..
talemaker2: I liked Jose...he really made it funny…
talemaker2: Just an added note about this movie. Tessa was telling me the other day that the movie almost did not get done because Jeanette, Jose, and then his sister all had pre-arranged concerts, and by the time they had finished their concerts, the three daughters had grown so much that they had to make larger clothes for them.
talemaker2: And Rich—come on, what two movies would you show?
DIXC: Sweethearts a:-)nd New Moon
IanMaytime: i contacted a big star about jeanette and nelson on the tv show with gordon macrea at christmas 1956/7 as there must be a recording of it some where
jeanettefan7: hmmmm maybe i will change mine to sweethearts and 3 daring daughters
IanMaytime: but they never reply
jeanettefan7: i wrote to there fan club
jeanettefan7: and nada
jeanettefan7: not an answer
Chetoshari: ahhhhh
IanMaytime: you think they would only be to glad to help, but i have not given up hope yet
IanMaytime: and never will
jeanettefan7: that is good ian, we need to keep trying. i know gene had a copy--i wonder what ever happened to his?
IanMaytime: and the tv show in canada 1962 i think , no luck with that either
IanMaytime: don’t like to mention the name but s.r. has some of those--and when i spoke to her in london a couple of years ago she did not think anyone would be interested in them--what planet is she on
talemaker2: Ian, we expect you to get these wonderful copies of Jeanette
talemaker2: I mean, you are our Sherlock Holmes
talemaker2: Well, I would take Merry Widow and The Firefly, and please replace Maurice with any other singer. Ian, you would have been great for the part…
Chetoshari: What about GIA????
jeanettefan7: yes
jeanettefan7: gia
talemaker2: Gia: Oh, Merry Widow and 3 Daring Daughters…and I love to sneak in The Firefly.
jeanettefan7: ahhhhh
Chetoshari: I guess Daring Daughters would be considered a "Girl Flick" today.
talemaker2: I watch these three all the time
jeanettefan7: i watch it too all the time…hmmmmm
jeanettefan7: she did a lot of game shows as well.....i will send you a list ian of what i heard about…
jeanettefan7: i hate to leave early:-) i went to the dentist today and am in a great deal of pain
talemaker2: Debbie, just like a True Loyal Fan, pain and all you came to honor Jeanette. That is wonderful of you. We all hope you’ll feel better... and remember to give our love to your Mama... It was great having you with us on Jeanette's birthday.
jeanettefan7: thanks gio and gia
talemaker2: Gia: bye bye dear…
jeanettefan7: i will and she sends love to everyone here … take care everyone—and keep chatting everyone, it was fun/ everyday is a great jeanette day for me
Chetoshari: So sorry for the pain....do get some rest....and hope to talk again.
IanMaytime: take care deb
jeanettefan7: thanks ian
talemaker2: ditto
Chetoshari: Glad you were here with us today
jeanettefan7: keep up the good work everyone, it is a honour to be here
Chetoshari: yes it is
jeanettefan7: bye for now
DIXC: Take care:-), Bye!
Chetoshari: bye
IanMaytime: gio you know it is approaching 11pm here in the uk. i must go, as I must get up for work at 4am to fight crime in london ha ha, but it sure would be great to meet you all , does anyone have any plans to visit the uk?… we must try and arrange a get together one day.
talemaker2: Sounds great to us! 
IanMaytime: I would love to show my 16mm sound films of jeanette off
talemaker2: S.California sounds like a good place…some place close to where Jeanette and Gene lived.
Or--bring them to the US and we can watch that at Shari's house
Chetoshari: yes....I will make some good southern BBQ
IanMaytime: they are so heavy, so please don’t tempt me .
talemaker2: Ian, these pictures you sent were wonderful, thak you so much...we all appreciate them....as you know
IanMaytime: glad to share them gio.
Chetoshari: Bye Ian.....have a good rest...and thanks so for your loyal support all these years. Gia and I send you and your family our best wishes (and we won't tell your wife one word).
talemaker2: Just think of how Jeanette would stare into your eyes Ian
IanMaytime: she would think im mad ha ha
talemaker2: now there is a pleasant thought to go to sleep with....
talemaker2: We are really happy that you could make it Ian....
IanMaytime: its been great to be here to ,pity we are so far apart
talemaker2: but ever so close in heart, and this is all that matters
IanMaytime: i was going to say that as well
IanMaytime: well love to you all and thank you gio and gia for all your hard work
DIXC: Thanks for the DVDs
DIXC: They are Great:-)
CraziLadii has entered the room.
talemaker2: Hi, Diane
CraziLadii: Hi folks
Chetoshari: Hi Diane
CraziLadii: I have my house guest from Australia here now
talemaker2: it is just so much fun doing what we do...
CraziLadii: Ian, she is interested in your DVD's We just watched Bittersweet
IanMaytime: yes if i can help anyone with the dvds just e mail me and only to pleased to help
IanMaytime: goodnight everyone from a very hot uk .... :-)
talemaker2: thank you Ian, DVD is here to stay
Chetoshari: Ian, try to stay cool
DIXC: Bye Ian:-)
IanMaytime: bye everyone
talemaker2: goodnight Ian....and all our best
talemaker2: Well, Diane, have them join us, we love people from Australia
CraziLadii: She doesn't work a computer
talemaker2: Well, we know she is a great Sweetheart Fan...
CraziLadii: That she is! Anyone who would fly for 20 hours!!!
talemaker2: yes...she is a real Jen/Nel fan--but then, Jeanette and Nelson were the greatest acting team ever
talemaker2: Diane, we were just asking, as you entered, what two Jeanette Films would you show if you had a movie theater...
talemaker2: Perhaps your guest would care to join in on this question, too? We know our Golden Baritone would be in them, so you have at least 8 to choose from...:-)
talemaker2: While Diane is compiling her list....
talemaker2: Shari, is there anything you would change in any of Jeanette's movies?
Chetoshari: not one thing....they are perfect
talemaker2: Perhaps, make them longer? Or how about all of them in color?
Chetoshari: I actually do not mind the black and white movies
DIXC: More duets!
talemaker2: That is a good one, Rich, many more duets...
CraziLadii: Sweethearts and Maytime
Chetoshari: two great choices!!!
talemaker2: To great ones
Chetoshari: LOL
talemaker2: yes...
CraziLadii: Gio, I have to run. Just wanted to give my wishes for a Happy Jeanette Birthday!
talemaker2: :Gia, so nice of you to join in on Jeanette’s special day, and we hope you and your guest enjoy 23rd Diane, we wish you the best!
CraziLadii: thanks!
Chetoshari: Bye Diane....Be GOOD
CraziLadii has left the room.
talemaker2: when you think of all of the singing Jen/Nelson did
talemaker2: on radio
talemaker2: what are some of your favorites they perform…?
Chetoshari: songs or programs??
talemaker2: Programs…
Chetoshari: I am not very familiar with programs...have only heard a couple on cassette
talemaker2: I wonder how they would have been in musical like the Dessert Song, Student Prince, Phantom of the Opera by Andrew L. Webber?
Chetoshari: GREAT as usual
DIXC: I enjoyed her singing often on Nelson's radio shows
talemaker2: they seem to have so much fun...
Chetoshari: Did they ever record any of the songs from Student Prince together or Chocolate Soldier??
talemaker2: Something we will have to look into and post for JMDD Club. Whatever they did, it always seemed like so much fun—and talking about fun, the big hand has once again reached the top of the hour, which means that it is time to close the Golden Doors on this, our 2nd Jeanette Annual Birthday Get Together. To say it was so much fun being with all of you would hard speak what is in Gia and my hearts. We have really enjoyed every minute of this hour with you all. And as soon as we close the doors, Gia and I are going out to celebrate Jeanette’s birthday with cake and ice cream in her honor
DIXC: Sounds like a good Idea, Gio. We also have to leave for supper, and doing a little celebrating.
talemaker2: Then we now declared the 2005, 102nd Jeanette Birthday Chatroom closed.”
Shari: Seconded.
Talemaker2: Gia, we look forward to talking to you all during the year, and with the Good Lord’s Blessings, hope to see you all here next year
Chetoshari: Bye Rich....have a good supper!!!!
DIXC: Bye, and take care all.:-):-) See you in 2006!
Chetoshari: and...Gio and Gia...please eat some cake for me!!!!! Bye and thanks a million!!!
talemaker2: Bye, Shari, Bye Rich,,,
talemaker2: Gia and I send our hugs and kisses.
talemaker2: May you always have “Luck in your dreams!...:-)” your host of the JMDD & JMFC website, Gia & Gio.



At 6PM (EST) the JMDD Yahoo Webgroup Fan Club ended for the year 2005. Additional comments from members who were unable to attend this function, will be entered into the log as an addendum…..




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