I Married an Angel

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 I Married An Angel (MGM, 1942). Directed by W.S.Van Dyke II. Songs: "I Married An Angel," "Spring is Here," "I'll Tell the Man in the Street," "A Twinkle in Your Eye." Cast: Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy, Edward Everett Horton, Binnie Barnes.


I Married an Angel (1942) Staring Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy

in their 8th and last film:


"With a lilting 'Tira Lira La,' a bevy of Budapest beauties show up for the birthday celebration of the town's most eligible bachelor, Count Palaffi (Nelson Eddy). Weary of their scheming attentions, the wealthy playboy slips away to his room. . .and dreams the fanciful escape of I Married An Angel. That angel is Jeanette MacDonald. . .and the story has all the puffy-cloud imaginativeness you'd expect: the angel's heaven-above honesty makes a hilarious muck of the Count's here-below business activities. He awakens to find it was all a dream. . .but discovers the 'angel' at his party."


I Married An Angel; I'll Tell the Man in the Street; Spring Is Here; A Twinkle in Your Eye by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart; Tira Lira La by Rodgers, Bob Wright and Chet Forrest; Caprice Viennoise by Fritz Kreisler; Chanson Boheme by Bizet; lyrics by Wright and Forrest; Anges Purs by Gounod; Alohe Oe by Queen Liliukalani; Hey, Butcher; There Comes a Time; May I Present the Girl; Now You've Met the Angel; But What of Truth by Herbert Stothart, Wright and Forrest.



Run Time: 84 minutes,

Category : Musical

Produced: Hunt Sstromber

Directory : Maj. W.S. Van Dyke

Writing credits: Anita Loos

Cinematography: Ray June

Choreography: Ernst Matray


Cast: Jeanette MacDonald Anna Zador/Briggitta,

Nelson Eddy Count Willie Pilaffi,

Peter, Edward Everett Horton; Peggy, Binnie Barnes; Whiskers, Reginald Owen; Baron Szigethy, Douglas Dumbrille; Marika, Mona Maris; Sufi, Janis Carter; Iren, Inez Cooper; Zinski, Leopold Kinskey; Polly, Anne Jeffreys; Dolly, Marion Rosamond.



I Married An Angel (Angyalt Vettem Feleseguil) hit in Budapest 1932 by Janos Vaszary.

I Married An Angel, 1933, unproduced movie

Musical Numbers:

Opening (Love Is Queen, Love Is King)

Face The Facts

Animated Objects

Why Have You Eyes?

I Married An Angel

Bath And Dressmaking Sequence


Tell Me I Know How To Love


From February to April 1933, Rodgers & Hart teamed with Moss Hart on a musical adaptation of an Hongarian play about a banker whose wish comes true when he married and angel. The film - I Married An Angel (MGM production #1116) - was intended as a vehicle for Jeanette MacDonald. It was jettisoned, according to Rodgers, when Metro boss Louis B. Mayer decided that fantasies were uncommercial. In 1938 I Married An Angel became a Broadway musical and used some of the material written in 1933. Four years later it became a film musical starring Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald.


I Married An Angel on Broadway

Adapted from the play by Janos Vaszary

Lyrics by Lorenz Hart

Music by Richard Rodgers

Produced by Dwight Deere Wiman

Book by Lorenz Hart and Richard Rodgers

Directed by Joshua Logan

Choreoghraphy George Balanchine

It ran for 338 performances.

Musical Numbers:

Did You Ever Get Stung?, The Modiste, How To Win Friends And Influence People, Spring Is Here, Angel Without Wings, A Twinkle In Your Eyes, At The Roxy Music Hall, Re-used I Married an Angel, Women Are Women (probably Love Is Queen, Love Is King), Men Of Milwaukee(Unused), Othello (Unused)

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