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June 27-2004: 


This is a great Sweetheart Fan who would like to know if someone has information a specific TV program. We hope one of our many fans can help.

They write: "I know its a long shot but i can't get any response from the tv companies etc... the television show is called ...HOLLYWOODS MUSICAL HOLIDAY REVIEW, episode 7, broadcast between 13-20 december 1956 on cbs i think and it was a lux sponsored show and compared by gordon macrea....jeanette and nelson are guests and sing a few songs and shirley jones is on the show as well ......i think it was in colour as well......HELP HELP HELP it would be great to see this reunion of jeanette and nelson on this tv show ...."

If anyone has any info about this episode with Jeanette and Nelson reuniting, 

--we will pass it on to the fan.


FANS RESPONSE: to question above ...

June 27-2004...

Dear Gio and Gia,

That is listed in Nelson's discography as the Lux Video Theatre Dec. 20 1956. Jack Cassidy and Phil Harris were also guests. I have never heard of any video footage, but there was an audio tape circulating at one time that contained part of that show. I believe in 1956, these shows were still being broadcast live, and if there is any chance it still exists, I doubt it would be in color. The networks usually kept a b and w copy.
Good Luck...Christine

* * * * * * * *

Dear Gio,

In response to both your message and Christine's, I have never heard that there is a video of the Lux TV Show you were talking about.  I do have an audio of it - I think it's the complete show and as I recall is fairly good audio.  I'd have to listen to it again to be sure.  If your friend wants a copy of the audio, let me know - I'll check it out and if it is okay will be glad to make a copy for him.

Dear Anna,

Thank you for the info, we will post what you said, and if the party is interested, they can let us know what they wish to do.

Thank you as always>Gio &Gia

* * * * * * * *


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