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Diane F. Update on Nelson in California

Hi friends,


I just found out that Helen Crawford was able to reserve a group of rooms at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel for the September 27 dedication ceremony.  She was able to get a rate of $95.00/night, which is a really good rate for the Roosevelt.  Staying there is a real experience and you are near to everything "Hollywood", plus we can all be near to each other! 

If you want to book a room, call the Roosevelt at 800-950-7667 and tell them that you are with the Nelson Eddy Group and want the $95.00/night rate.  I expect them to email me more info and if it differs from this note, I will advise.

Any of you who have websites are welcome to post this information for fans.  If you received this message more than once, please forgive as you must be on my group settings more than once--that's how much I love YOU! LOL

Also, if you book, please drop me a note as I want to know who to look for when I arrive.


Fondly, Diane F.



Diane F. Update on Nelson in California

Posted 7-25-2k3



It has come to my attention that some trying to make reservations at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel for the 9/27 dedication were told that there was no special rate for our group. I have since called the hotel and was given a confirmation booking number to guarantee the rate of $95/single King or double and $105/3 persons.

When you call for your reservations use:
Booking Number 7341 to get this rate for the Nelson Eddy Group for 9/26 and/or 9/27.

I hope your planning runs smoothly now.

Hope to see you there!

Fondly, Diane F.


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