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Cut!!! Let's Do The Scene OVER!

Sweetheart fans, if you are like Gia and I, you have probably watched Jeanette Movies at  least one hundred times and noticed little things that the Directors and Film Editors did to put the films together.  In the good-humor nature of our Golden Diva, Jeanette, ( who had a wonderful sense of humor and enjoyed a good laugh as much as the next person) we are  micro-editing her films for some of the funny things that had occurred and post them here.  We look forward to your funny moments you wish to share with us.

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Hi, Sweetheart Fans!

Here is a Scene--did you notice this? 

When Jeanette is being questioned by Frank Morgan about what is wrong with her papers--did you notice that Nelson folds his arms in a close-up shot, but when the camera shoots away, we see him with his arms down, and then back to a close-up shot--his arms are folded again, and then we see him unfold them.   Did any of you catch this Sweetheart bloop?....:)

This is just the beginning of compiling the good, beautiful, and funny.  It looks like Van Dyck missed this one. 


All in good fun of course.  Luck in your Dreams....Gio & Gia

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