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We Dedicate this Website to one of Jeanette's Loyal Fans--




JMFC Honors the Memory of our Beloved Ollie Mutter who passed away May 23, 2004. We thank Ollie's daughter for this lovely picture of her mother at the age of 25. For all of our fans, Gia and I send our love to the Mutter Family.




Ollie Mutter

May 23, 2004


Gia and I take great privilege in thanking our True Loyal Fan, Ollie Mutter (our Honorary Lyricist Librarian) for her endless  hours of filling our Golden Diva's Library with memorable songs from her fabulous career. 


We posted these words on May 15, 2004, knowing how proud Ollie was for the wonderful job she was doing for the person she had loved all of her life, Jeanette.  We talked often on the telephone about Jeanette, the Sweetheart's movies, and the over one-hundred lyrics she sent us to post. 


Ollie Mutter died today, May 23, 2004 at 12:15pm in her Florida home.  Her passing took us all by surprise, especially her five children:  Linda, David, Cynthia, Penny, and Lori.  To know Ollie, was to love the darling.  She was full of joy in her heart and always spoke a kind and gentle word to all.  She belonged to many fan clubs who adored Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy and gave her support in whatever way she could.  The JMFC will miss her dearly.  She was a member, fan, and will always be a true friend to Gia and I.


Gia use to love to open our morning JMFC Email and see Ollie's email there with another lyric or two sent in to be posted.  Gia took great joy in talking to Ollie, both on the telephone and over the Internet, and felt a deep feeling of joy when Ollie would bid her good night, by sending her love.  Gia would send her hugs and kisses back and look forward to their next chat.  Gia has lost a loving friend who she appreciated with all of her heart.  For me, I will miss my darling Ollie, knowing she will never send me another email and say, "Gio--we need to make a change here or there, and then laugh and fix the lyrics just the way we both knew Jeanette would wanted it. 


I spoke with Ollie Friday night, May 21, 2004 on the telephone and wished me the best on my up-and-coming surgery, Tuesday--then said, oddly enough, "Gio, I have heard Jeanette Singing to me.  It sounds silly, but I hear her voice.  I told her that Jeanette always watched over her loving fans, and I am sure she is watching the great tribute you paid your favorite star."  With those words I bid her a peace good night and love from Gia and I. 


I can also say, all of her JMFC and JMDD Family send their love and prayers to Ollie and her loving family.  We miss you so very much, Ollie, darling, and every time someone opens the Jeanette MacDonald Lyrics Library, they will see this memorial tribute to you, dear. In the coming years, people will know how much you loved Jeanette and will say to you, "Thank you, Ollie. Thank You! ....  Gia & Gio JMFC Hosts

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  *  *

Over time we would love to fill in the moments of Ollie's live during her lifetime. As we receive pictures and other gifts, we will post them in her honor. We Thank her family and many friends who have added to this tribute.


Picture Gifts from Janie

(Below 4 Pictures) Ollie's Sweetheart Room - Sent June 2004

(Below 2 Pictures) Ollie with family and friends- Sent by Janie, June 2004.


Wanda, Ollie,



Ollie & Wanda

Annie Reilly,

Janie & Penny

Photos of Ollie's Daughter Lori....Here's a treat, Lori's cat, Chloe.
  More Photos from Ollie's Daughter, Lori, sent 2005.  

My Niece had this pic blown up for my Brother.  It is from 1986, at my Brother's wedding. 

This is Me (bottom, Ollie's Granddaughter Brigitte, and Mom in Dec. 1999.)


Mom--Sept. 2000, in NJ, before going to her high school reunion in Connecticut. I treasure the memories of those 3 precious weeks Mom and I spent together. 


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