Jeanette MacDonald Songs From Her Movies


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Movie: Love Parade 1929

Dream Lover

Anything to Please the Queen

My Love Parade

March of Grenadiers

Movie : Naughty Marietta 1935



 Italian Street Song

Ship Ahoy

Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life



Movie: Sweethearts 1938

Wooden Shoes

Summer Serenade

Pretty as a Picture

Game of Love

The Message to the Violet

Keep it Dark


Little Grey Home in the West

<In the Convent They Never Taught Me That>

Happy Day

Movie :I Married an Angel 1942

I Married an Angel

Spring is Here

A Twinkle in Your Eye

Caprice Viennoise

Chanson Boheme

Anges Purs

Aloha Oe

But What Of Truth



Movie: The Vagabonds King 1930

Some Day

Only a Rose



Movie: Monte Carlo 1930

Beyond the Blue Horizon

Give Me A Moment Please

She'll Love Me and Like It

Whatever It Is, It's Grand

Movie : Rose-Marie 1936

Romeo and Juliet

Pardon Me Madame

Dinah/Some of These Days

Three Blind Mice

Indian Love Call


Movie: Broadway Serenade 1939

For Ev'ry Lonely Heart


<What You Goin' to Do When the Rent Comes 'Round>

Hearts Win, You Lose

[Love's Old Sweet Song (Just a Song at Twilight)]

A-Tisket A-Tasket

<The Mulberry Bush(Here We Go


[None But the Lonely Heart (Nur Wer

die Sehnsucht Kennt)]

High Flyin'

One Look at You

No Time To Argue

Time Changes Everything

Un Bel Di

Les Filles De Cadiz

Italian Street Song

Quando M'En Vo (Musetta's Waltz)

Movie: Cairo 1940


Les Filles De Cadiz

The Waltz is Over

A Heart That's Free

Il bacio (The Kiss)

Chi mi frena (The Sextet)

To a Wild Rose

From the Land of the Sky Blue Waters

Beautiful Ohio

Waiting for the Robert E. Lee


There's No Place Like Home (Home, Sweet Home)

Keep the Lights Burning Bright

Moon Looks down Over Cairo




Movie: Let's Go Native 1930


Movie: The Lottery Bride 1930


My Northern Light


Movie: Oh, for a Man 1930

Jeanette sings Finale from opera

(Tristan und Isode)


Movie: Don't Bet on Women 1931  


Movie: Annabelle's Affairs 1931

Movie : San Francisco 1936

A Heart That's Free

The Holy City

Would You

Air des Bijoux

Sempre Libera

The Jewel Song

Nearer My God To Thee

Not a Thought

San Francisco

The Battle Hymn of the Republic



Movie : One Hour With You 1932

[Spanish Version :

Une heure près de toi]

One Hour With You

We Will Always Be Sweethearts

<What a Little Thing Like a Wedding Can Do>

Movie: The Firefly 1936

Love Is Like a Firefly

Danse Jeanette

Donkey Serenade


March of Grenadiers

A Woman's Kiss

Ginannina Mia

When a Maid comes Knocking at your Heart

I Love You Don Diego

Para La Salud

Movie: New Moon 1940


The Way They do it in Paris

Lover Come Back to Me

One Kiss

Wanting You

La Marseillaise

Movie: The Sun Comes Up 1949

Un Bel Di

Songs My Mother Taught Me

Tes Jolies Yeux

If You Were Mine

Cousin Ebenezer


Movie : Love Me Tonight 1932

Isn't It Romantic


A Woman Needs Something Like That

Love Me Tonight

Movie: Three Daring Daughters 1948

Dickie Bird Song

Where There's Love


You Made Me Love You

I'll See You In my Dreams




Movie : The Cat and the Fiddle 1934

Impressions in a Harlem Flat

She Didn't Say Yes

A New Love is Old

The Night Was made for Love

I Watched the Love Parade

Poor Pierrot

One Moment Alone

Try to Forget

Movie: Maytime 1937

Les Filles De Cadiz

Le Regiment de Sambre

Carry Me Back to Old Virginny

Will You Remember

Santa Lucia

Nobles seigneur, salut

Cavatine du Page "Une dame, noble et sage"

Movie: Bitter Sweet 1940

I'll See you Again

If You Could Only Come with Me

What is Love

Kiss Me

Love In Any Language

Dear Little Cafe

Ladies of the Town


Songs Jeanette Sang


If I Could Tell You

Oh! Charlie Is My Darlin'

Love Is Blooming.

Flying High

My Mad Moment


Movie : Merry Widow 1934

[French Version : La Veuve joyeuse]


Tonight will Teach Me to Forget

The Merry Widow Waltz

If Widows are Rich

Melody of Laughter


Movie: The Girl of the Golden West 1937

Shadows on the Moon

Gentle Wind in the Trees

Liebestraum (Dream of Love)

Ave Maria



Who Are We to Say


Movie: Smilin' Through 1941

Smilin' Through

Kerry Dance

Drink to me Only With Thine Eyes

What Is Love

A Little Love, a Little Kiss (Un peu d'amour)

Ouvre ton Coeur

There's a Long, Long Trail (Awinding)

I'll See You

Land of Hope and Glory





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