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Diane Flaherty Update on Nelson's Dedication 8-30-2003


Hi folks,

All is worked out with the reservation confusion at the Cinegrill.  They still have openings for Friday, September 26 if you are interested.



Diane Flaherty Update on Nelson's Dedication 8-28-2003



Hi folks,
Just a short note to update that if you wish to go to the Cinegrill you must make your OWN reservations as they want your credit card number and accept NO cancellations.  We cannot, of course, make general reservations, hoping that an exact number will attend.  So, if you do plan to go to the Cinegrill, make your non-refundable reservation at: 1-323-466-7000 extension 7269

(Helen and I have already made non-refundable  reservations for THESE 6 people who DO NOT have to make their own reservations--Helen, Diane, Lea Chance, Rachanee Clovis, Dorothy K-Jadewiec, Joan Leighton.  Everyone else expressing a desire to attend the Cinegrill, please call for your reservations with the number above.)



Diane Flaherty Update on Nelson's Dedication 8-26-2003


I spoke to Linda Foster this evening of Hollywood Forever Cemetery.  She was wondering what people thought about having the ceremony on the Fairbanks Lawn with tables and umbrellas rather than in the chapel.  She tells me that the weather would probably be perfect with temps below 80 and little chance of rain.

The drawback would be there are a set of stairs to get to the lawn beside the reflecting pool.  Also, people would have to take carts to the restrooms. She and her staff estimate the proposed program would go at least three
hours, including the social afterward, so restrooms are a consideration and the stairs would effect those in wheelchairs, or with limited mobility.  Let us know your thoughts on this location issue.  The chapel would still be the alternative if the weather doesn't cooperate or if most feel the outdoors too challenging.  Electricity would be accessible for microphones, music and video viewing.

She also informed me that the cemetery is planning one of their "classic movies" that night.  For those looking for an inexpensive evening, for $10 you can view a classic movie done by one of the cemetery's "residents" on the
Fairbanks Lawn.  The movie begins at sundown, but she recommends arriving an hour early to find your spot on the lawn.  It is BYO food, drink, blanket or chair and enjoy an old movie under the stars, with the stars.

We estimate that there will be upward to 100 attendees at the ceremony with many locals stating the desire to be part of Nelson's big day.  This should make a lovely tribute to have so many people attend!

Linda told me she expects delivery of the sign posts any day now from Paramount.  She also told me that the stretch of road is the most beautiful and most visible in the entire cemetery.  A truly fitting honor for Nelson.

If you have contributed to Nelson Eddy Drive, either directly to the cemetery or through any of the fund-raisers at club meetings, please give me your name and address as the cemetery wants to have a complete master list of donors.  They do have the names of those who sent checks either directly or through organizers, like myself, but those of you who bought raffle tickets, or just handed in cash, please remind me of that fact so you can be on the master list.

Til next time,
Luv, Diane




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